So I cry a lot…I’m not embarrassed or ashamed…I just do…I cry over TV shows, I cry when I read books, I cry when I watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (my favorite on Netflix), I cry when children get baptized, I cry when someone else’s feelings get hurt, I cry when MY feelings get hurt…I just cry…A LOT!

So, today I’m having a complete meltdown in the office…crying, snot flying, blowing my nose, eyeliner running, the whole nine yards…luckily, Paul was the only one in the office (he’s used to me crying)…

While I’m crying and trying to talk to Paul, he’s on Facebook.  One of our good friends has a baby who’s about 2 month’s old.  She wrote on her status that her baby had colic.  Paul asked me what colic was.  I basically said, “Colic is like when someone cries a lot.”  Paul replies, “Oh, well, do you have colic?”

It was funny….(and no, I don’t have colic)…

Boot Camp

Army Boot Camp

Army Boot Camp

I signed up to take two fitness/aerobic classes at our local gym in Lacon.  One of them is called Boot Camp and the other Body Tone and Fusion.  I went to Boot Camp this morning and it kicked my boo-tay!  It was HARD!!  I am the only one in the class, so it’s like having my own personal trainer for 45 minutes…I’m lucky I’m the only one in the class b/c I kept making Amanda stop and let me rest.  Of course, we had different ideas of what resting was…I wanted to “rest” (in other words, lay down on the ground and not get back up).  Her idea of resting was taking a walk to the corn fields and back (yes, I said corn fields…we live in Illinois, remember)?  Anyway, I did it, but there was still like 7 things on her list that we didn’t get to b/c I was so slow and had to rest all the time…but I didn’t quit!  I came home and just laid on the living room; I was so tired!  But, 4 more weeks of this and I’ll be a pro!  I go to Body Tone and Fusion on Wednesday morning, so we’ll see if I’m alive after that…

The Next 9 Weekends

Please keep us in your prayers…tonight at 8:00 starts our nine weekends in a row of working…This weekend we only have 1 group here (with 54 people) but starting next weekend, we will have on again/off again weekends of more than one group.  Next weekend we have 4 groups coming…

Pray for strength, patience, willing hearts, servant’s hearts, and an overall sense of peace as we minister to the 54 people that will come this weekend and the 80-90 people that will be here next weekend!  Paul will primarily be working on the ropes course with the other facilitators and I will be in the kitchen cooking…

Here’s what our calendar board looks like until the beginning of October…check back in with us in October and see if we’re still alive!

Lake City, Colorado Part Two

Sorry it took so long, but it’s a long story with a throw away camera that no one will develop anymore…it took a week to get it developed, after going to CVS and 2 different Wal-Mart’s….

Again, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…highlights include:  San Juan Soda Co. (we went there twice for ice cream), downtown Lake City, rafting down the Taylor River, and to the Packer Massacre Site (see for further information)…


our little rental car (a Rio)

downtown Lake City, CO

San Juan Soda Co.

getting ready to go rafting

ready to go rafting (we look like we are ready for the ropes course)

another raft going down the Taylor River

Taylor River

Paul having a good time rafting

Alfred Packer Massacre Site

Massacre Site

Hit and Miss

You would think after being married for 3 years, Paul and I would do better at grocery shopping…you would think, since I work in a kitchen, that I would be better at thinking about things we need before we cook…

But, no, I’ve been to the grocery store…count ’em…seven times this week!! 

1 trip to Kroger

2 trips to Wal-Mart

4 trips to IGA

One of these days we’re going to get better…maybe…

Lake City, Colorado-Part One

On Sunday, the 23rd, we left Chicago and headed to Colorado…I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but we had a fantastic time…except for missing our bed and tired of waiting in airports, I don’t think we would’ve come home…

The Inn at the Lake is definitely one of our favorite places to be…

view from the front porch of the Inn at the Lake

Paul on the front porch

nightly campfire

part of our Alpine Loop trip; San Juan Mountains

Jeeps for our Alpine Loop trip


David, Paul, Rosie, and Callie

view from the car on the way to Gunnison, CO


Stay tuned for Part Two


On Friday, Aug 21st, we packed up and headed out, in the pouring down rain, to go to Chicago for a couple of days, before we headed on to Colorado.  Our flight didn’t leave until Sunday morning out of O’Hare, so we took advantage of being in Chicago for Friday night and Saturday…

Friday night we enjoyed laying around the hotel room…a.k.a….watching T.V….  🙂

Saturday we went to Lincoln Park Zoo, McDonald’s,  the movies (two separate movies, I might add), play Putt-Putt, and out to eat a fabulous Mexican food restaurant.  Busy, busy…

We stayed in Elk Grove Village (a “village” out of Chicago) and on our way to play Putt-Putt, we saw a little park that had elk in it…they were fenced in…we stopped to take a look (and to take pictures, of course).  On the fence there was clearly a sign that read, “Do Not Feed the Elk.”  But, there was a Hispanic family that kept chunking apples over the fence so all the elk came up to the fence…it was pretty neat!  So, we saw elk in Chicago, not in Colorado.

Next installment is our trip to Colorado…stay tuned!

Elk in Elk Grove Village


Elk fighting

enjoying a rousing game of Putt-Putt

self-portrait, playing Putt-Putt

Paul's fabulous fajitas at Los Fernando's

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago skyline, complete with a seagull flying in the middle