What a difference a week makes?

Here’s the before:

With the snow....

Here’s the after… 

With the rain...

Lovely, huh?

I’m glad my parents came last week….this week is just plain ugly!


More Christmas 2010

My parents were here for about 3 1/2 days….we had a lot of fun!  As you saw in the previous posts, they loved the snow!  Besides tubing on our snow chute, we ate a lot, played a lot of games, went to church twice, took naps, went on walks, and used lots of dish cloths!!

I’m glad they came when they did.  It is getting warmer and all the snow has just melted and turned into mud!  It’s lovely….really….

Here are some more pics of when they were here….

Paul and me on Christmas Eve

Paul on the tractor plowing on Christmas Day

Mom getting ready to go outside (they don't own snow boots, so they brought big rubber boots)

Dad trying to get mom's boots off....

Mom and me stringing popcorn and cranberries (we did that one time when I was little)


We strung them outside, but unfortunately, they are still squirrels or birds have eaten them...yet...

Just a side note…..the pajama pants I have on in the picture….yeah, I’ve had those since my freshman year in college….almost 15 years!!  I LOVE THEM!!

Well, Mom and Dad left on Monday, the 27th, to head on to Michigan to see Leslie (my sister) and her family….

Thanks for coming!  See you in a week!!

Christmas 2010

The tree with all the presents (our present pile multiplied when my parents arrived)

apparently Santa is trying to send me a message

new slippers from my sister

new digital camera

We had a really good Christmas with my parents.  Paul and I both got gift cards:  Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Kohl’s…..we’re excited!!

Sorry for such short posts….we have 150+ people (no one really knows how many people are here) at camp right now….so we are very tired!!

I’ll post more tomorrow!

Christmas is upon us….

Five more days and it will be Christmas!  🙂

I think it should be a requirement for everyone to have off the week of Christmas and the week after Christmas….who really wants to do work before Christmas and who really wants to do work after Christmas?  Well, apparently we do b/c we have to work this week and next week.  This week we have to clean, go shopping, and get ready for the Christmas group that is coming right after Christmas.

Before we moved here, I had never heard of people having a Winter Retreat b/w Christmas and New Year’s.  Why would you do that?  Wouldn’t you want to spend that time with your family?  But, nonetheless, we have 132 people coming to camp December 27th-30th….132!!!!  That is the maximum we can hold and we are cooking 9 meals!!  CRAZY!!!

Anyway, I’m trying not to worry about that until they actually get here.  Until then, I am getting ready for my parents coming.  They are making the drive up here and will be here Thursday-Monday and then head on up to Michigan to spend a few days with my sister, Leslie, and her family….I think they are definitely going to be surprised and excited about the White Christmas we will have while they are here.

The high on Christmas Day is supposed to be around 20 degrees with a 60% chance of snow (at least that’s what I saw today–it changes everyday)!! 

But, until Thursday, we have to work….here’s hoping the day go by fast!!