Hawaii 2012

I just got back from Hawaii—

Aloha sign at Honolulu International Airport

I’ll probably do 3-4 posts about Hawaii….I’ve got about 70 pictures, so I’ll have to weed through them….

Something I quickly learned, as soon as I got there, was that living in Hawaii is totally different than visiting Hawaii. I’ve only been to Hawaii once since Marcy and Jeff adopted their kids, so living life with them was new to me during this trip….

the view from Marcy’s lanai

the view from Marcy’s lanai

The first 3-4 days I was there I helped take kids to school, run errands, take kids to the dentist, baby-sit, and clean….life goes on for my sister and her kids, regardless of whether or not family is there visiting.

view from Kamehameha schools (where my niece and nephew go to school)

view from Kamehameha schools

Luckily, I was able to get in a small amount of time on the beach on Friday afternoon.

ready to go to the beach (my sister’s house in the background)

Kainoa in the van, ready to go to the beach

beach on the Leeward side of Oahu

my feet in the Pacific Ocean

Kainoa took my picture

laying out on the beach

Kainoa flying a kite

Kainoa flying his kite

the mountains behind Waianae (where my sister lives)

On Friday night/Saturday I kept Kainoa….”when the cat’s away, the mouse will play…”

Kainoa playing video games

Once Saturday afternoon rolled around we started the celebration for Alika’s graduation….he is our 18 year old nephew who graduated from Kamehameha schools on Sunday, the 27th.

(That’ll be in the next post)….


A Super Fun Saturday

We had a great day today!! 🙂

This morning we participated in the Lee County Fair and Rodeo Parade. FBC Giddings had a trailer, advertising our church and our Vacation Bible School, that is happening in June.

The very well painted sign by Toni and Jennifer

Some of the kids from our church rode on the float and threw out candy

Holden, Riley, and Hanna


Madi, Amy, and Holden

Hadley would NOT look at the camera (just proof I was there)

After the parade we went over to the Hanson’s house and swam for about 4 1/2 hours!! 🙂 It was wonderful….we had a great lunch of grilled burgers and played with Hanna, Henlee, and Hadley in the pool! 🙂

I told Toni anytime she needed someone to come over and swim, just let me know! 🙂

Paul and I definitely have bright red faces and my tan has definitely shown up for my trip to Hawaii this week!

And, after we left the Hanson’s I came home and did 8 loads of laundry!! Fun, exciting Saturday night!!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As I said yesterday, every year we have gone to a baseball game (major league and minor league) for our anniversary. Well, a “pro baseball game” was not in the cards for this year (at least not right now, maybe later)….

But, we were able to “take in a game” tonight!! A “coach pitch” softball game for 6-8 year olds! 🙂

We’ve gone to 3 or 4 Little League softball games over the last month or so (several of the kids in our church play Little League). It’s very fun entertainment for us (and it’s free)!!

So, yes, we did get to go to a baseball game (just not quite like the games we have gone to in the past)….

Hanna ready to bat with her pink helmet, pink bat, and pink ribbons on her shirt!

Hanna on 1st base

Brookland running home

And, for your sideline entertainment…

Paul playing “I Spy” with Hadley, Hayley, and Henlee

Hadley and Henlee LOVE playing with Paul

And, here’s our mandatory Anniversary Picture:

Our 6th Anniversary

It may not have been a “big league” game but it was fun nonetheless! 🙂


Happy 6th Anniversary

Today, May 13th, is our 6th anniversary….on Saturday, May 13th, 2006, Paul and I became husband and wife!

I am more blessed today than I was then….and I pray that everyday beyond this is better than the day before.

One of the older ladies at our church told me, “Make sure you make that 66 more!!” (That means we would be pretty old, but we’ll see what we can do)!

Our wedding day:

Leaving as Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tanner

Our 1st Anniversary:

At a Texas Ranger baseball game

Our 2nd Anniversary:

At a Texas Ranger baseball game

Our 3rd Anniversary:

At a Chicago Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field

Our 4th Anniversary:

We went to a Peoria Chiefs (minor league) game, but I totally forgot to take a picture of us

The tickets to the Peoria Chiefs game

So, here’s a picture of us from a month before our anniversary

Taken a month before our anniversary-April 2010

Our 5th Anniversary:

At a Peoria Chiefs baseball game

Our 6th Anniversary:

Today is also Mother’s Day. My parents came to visit, went to church with us, took me grocery shopping, and just sat and visited. They did give the altar flowers at church in honor of us….

So, no picture from today, but here’s a picture from about 3 weeks ago.

A month before our anniversary-April 2012

This is the 1st year we didn’t go to a baseball game for our anniversary (I definitely have a “frowny face” about it all)….but, finances were not in our favor this year. So, here we are.

Mom and Dad did take us to Los Patrones for lunch and grocery shopping. And, grocery shopping is HUGE for me, so I’ll definitely take that as a celebration of our anniversary!

(And you never know–maybe we’ll catch a baseball game sometime this summer)….

Happy Anniversary, My Love!!

J.O.Y. Group

Yesterday we went on a day trip with the J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) group from our church. It is a group of “older men and women” who get together once a month….usually they play games at the church and then have lunch together. But yesterday they took a trip to Independence, Texas/Brenham, Texas.

We started off at the Texas Baptist Historical Museum….

Paul and I in front of the museum

They had stone benches outside of the museum that people dedicated in honor of others….

Herb Reynolds was a beloved president of Baylor from 1981-1995.

Paul Powell is a retired dean of Truett Seminary (at Baylor) and was also the president of the BGCT, along with being a very well sought-out speaker

Part of the Texas Baptist Historical Museum is the original Independence Baptist Church, dating all the way back to 1830’s.

Organized in 1839, the Independence Baptist Church was the leading Baptist church and supporter of missionary work during the Republic of Texas, and is the congregation in which Sam Houston was baptized.

After Baylor was established in Independence in 1845, the church and university were closely intertwined: The same person often served as pastor and president of the two institutions, and services were held in university buildings until 1853 when the congregation moved to the present site and to a new meetinghouse built on land donated by Baylor president and church pastor Rufus Burleson.

The sanctuary is still the original building, from the 1870’s, after a fire

There was a little that was part of our J.O.Y. group that was a member at Independence Baptist Church a long time ago, and her husband helped build the pew back shelves (that hold the Bibles and hymnals)…..

This is a painting portraying Sam Houston’s baptism, in the creek near the church.

Cute little anecdotes by Sam Houston…..especially about the fish downstream.

After the museum we went over to Old Baylor Park.

About a month ago I went over to Independence by myself and saw Baylor University on Windmill Hill.

Well, yesterday we saw Baylor Female College on Academy Hill.

These are the original columns of the building that stood on that hill.

Me in the arch of the original building…..

After the museum and Old Baylor Park, we went over to see Miracle Farms, which is a wonderful residential boys ranch that teaches how to be young men of dignity and character (it’s part of the Children at Heart Ministry).

Then it was on to Brenham for lunch at Must Be Heaven (which I LOVE)!!

We got home just in time because we had a torrential downpour in Giddings for about an hour in the afternoon! It was wonderful for the land….but the streets were completely flooded around Giddings! We came home and Paul promptly took a nap to the sound of the rain…

Overall we are grateful for the J.O.Y. group and the “joy” they bring to our church!