Happy Birthday To….Me

Today is my 29th birthday!  I think as you get older it just becomes another day…nothing to spectacular or exciting, but I still had a good day.  Paul and I went out to eat, did some shopping and then took a much needed Sunday afternoon nap…

I also got to open some birthday presents from my friends and family, so that was nice, too.  It feels good to feel loved!  🙂  It’s also nice to get mail and it not be the phone bill, the insurance bill, or our newly acquired student loan bill…birthday cards are nice!  Thanks…

Here are some pictures from today–

Here’s a shout-out to my brother-in-law, Scott, who has the same birthday as me!  Happy Birthday, Scott!!

Reflection and Church

We are now in our last week of camp!  (I know it’s hard to see, but I’m smiling and looking forward to Friday).  I’ve enjoyed camp; it’s definitely been a learning experience for me.  I think my favorite age is a toss up between the teen boys and the little 7-8 year old boys…I know…strange that I would like those two ages the best, but I think that’s what I’ve decided.  The hardest age was the 9-10 year old boys…that was a challenging week for everyone:  Paul, counselors, me, etc.  The same week they were here we had a guest group of 60, along with a guest group of 30 on one day for lunch, so that lunch meal totaled 120 people (I won’t forget that day for a long time)…that was also the day that my extra help just left in the middle of the day and didn’t tell me she was leaving…that’s another story for another day…luckily Paul jumped in and helped me!

I’ve learned a lot this summer about patience and letting things go.  I’m a “worry-er” and a “stress-er”…I worry constantly and am always afraid of things “messing up” or something going wrong.  This summer I’ve learned to relax (a little) and not get so upset.  I’ve definitely learned how to be flexible.  Especially when the 5 turkeys you’ve been cooking for 3 hours are still frozen in the middle and you quickly have to make 200 chicken nuggets and 30 bacon wrapped chicken breast in 30 minutes! 

I’ve definitely grown this summer…This last week has probably been the best week.  It could be the fact that it’s the last week but I honestly think it’s because I went to church this past Sunday and liked it.

We’ve been pretty “hit and miss” when it comes to church around here.  We’ve visited several different churches in the area (one or two more than once) but we haven’t really found one we liked yet.  We’re used to “Southern Baptist bible-belt” churches and we are definitely not in the “bible belt” around here…so needless to say, it’s hard to get motivated to go to church when you don’t really have anywhere to go.

But, this past Sunday we went to a church in Chillicothe and I really enjoyed the sermon.  The music was OK, not great (unless you like to sing How Great Thou Art in fast forward) but the sermon was excellent.  There were a couple of jokes, 2 or 3 points, lots of Scripture, and a prayer at the end (a good, typical Southern Baptist sermon).  So, I really think that made a difference in my week.  I’m hoping we can go back again this Sunday (although I do have to cook breakfast on Sunday for a guest group).

Thank you for your prayers…we’ve needed them…as we transition into the “off season” we now are going to be working with Guest Groups most weekends and then Paul will be working in Peoria starting “clubs” at our Peoria office, trying to disciple the kids that came to camp…