Year in Review-2009-Part One

Paul and I have had an amazing year.  We’ve moved, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve loved, we’ve lost, we’ve struggled, we’ve traveled, we’ve grown…

Here’s our year in review…Part One (January through May)


got new glasses (still had braces)

visiting Great Oaks (Paul standing at the Chicago airport)

Callie standing in the snow at Great Oaks


seeing the Derrick's for the last time before we moved

the Move to Illinois

Paul driving the U-Haul


Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL


CCCA Meeting-Paul's first time on a ropes course


hiking at Starved Rock


Paul at Starved Rock


1st time in Chicago

1st time on Great Oaks ropes course

Great Oaks shirts...we look so official!


a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field for our anniversary


Cubs game

fishing in the pond at Great Oaks

Paul doing the Great Oaks ropes course for the 1st time

 I’ll do the rest of the year later…I didn’t want to have too much of a picture overload in one post!

Christmas 2009

We did make it to Michigan, where Callie’s sister, Leslie, lives with her family, despite driving in rain/sleet/ice pellets for 9 hours!  (My husband is such a trooper)!  We got there on Wednesday night around 9:00PM (their time) and stayed until 9:00AM on Saturday morning…we made it home, too, despite having to drive 9 hours in the snow!

Here are some pictures from Christmas…


A Word of Advice…

If you are arguing with your spouse about something and trying to prove a point, make sure you have solid, positive evidence to back up your point…

Background:  Paul and I have “talked” about going to Michigan for Christmas for the last month of Christmas.  I use the word “talk” loosely b/c I pretty much “told” him we were going but that’s another argument for another day…anyway, he said he was really worried about leaving camp b/c of the condition the camp road would be in when we got back.

No one plows our road except for us, so if no one is here to plow, it does not get done.  We have had snow off and on all month with about 3-4 inches the past week.  (If you remember my previous post, I got stuck on the hill coming up the camp road).  So, Paul was worried but I kept telling him that it would be fine; we could do it.

Well, this past Wednesday we were getting ready to leave.  I thought I would drive up the dumpster to throw our trash away before we left.  I put on Paul’s shoes and a small thin windjacket (besides I was only driving up to the dumpster; it’s not like I was going to be outside very long)…

Here’s where my point was proven wrong…A Word of Advice…when you’re trying to prove that the road will be fine, don’t drive into a ditch on the camp road!


I had to abandon the car and walk home (remember I’m in Paul’s shoes and a thin windjacket)…then we had to walk back up the hill, following behind the tractor!

Again, make sure you have solid, positive evidence to back up your point!  And, just in case you were wondering…we are home but we did have to walk down the hill tonight.  We left the car at the top of the hill at Tyler and Shannon’s house b/c there was about 41/2-5 inches of thick snow covering the road…we opted to abandon the car and walk home!  Paul will have to plow tomorrow before we can bring the car home!

Christmas pictures coming tomorrow!

Jim pulling it on with a chain on the tractor (Paul watching)

Jim and Paul "pushing" the car out (it didn't work)

my back tire almost off the ground

close up

in the ditch across from the dumpster

Please send prayers our way

Paul and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Michigan for Christmas.  We are very nervous about being able to get back on to camp, once we leave.  We are planning on being back on Saturday, but no one will be here to plow the road, so there’s a chance it could be very icey.  Please keep us in your prayers as we are traveling.  Being from Texas, we have not mastered driving in snow/ice yet…

Merry Christmas!

Slippery When Wet

Here’s our car when I got it stuck on the hill at camp…

don't let the beautiful snow fool you...there's ice all over the gravel road


Here’s our car when Paul got it stuck on the hill at camp (after trying to help me)…

now it's further down the hill and sideways

 Here’s our car when Jim got it stuck on the hill (after helping Paul)…

Here’s our car after Jim drove it in reverse back down the hill  to ‘rev it up the hill again (Paul is watching)…

Jim came to the rescue and got it up the hill for us...

Christmases Past

I thought it might be fun to look at Christmases past

2004: (Paul was not a part of our family yet)…

5 years ago there was only 9 of us (now there's 13 of us)!!

That was during my “fat” days…please ignore the double chin under the turtleneck…not real flattering…

2005: (Paul and I were engaged)

Christmas of 05

Drake and Grady


self-portrait on Christmas morning

Kainani joined our family this year...

Drake and Grady (they look so little)


celebrating in Abilene with Mom and Dad

year of short hair and braces…

good picture of my dad

Kainani as Santa


Grady and Drake

 After spending so much time on this post I realize that I have NO pictures from 2008…I’m not sure where they are…this is the only one I could find…

at Mom's church for her Advent Christmas dinner

my skinny days…

Kainoa and Alika joined our family this year, but again, no pictures…so here’s one from when they were adopted (one month before Christmas)…

Adoption Day, November 2008


A Year Ago Today

On December 13, 2008 Paul and I graduated from Logsdon Seminary….I remember going to rehearsal the day before and I got mad because I wasn’t going to be sitting next to Paul.  They arranged us by degrees, not by last names, and since we got 2 different degrees, I think Kade was sitting between us.  😦 

I remember waking up that morning, getting ready, straightening my hair, making sure it was “perfect” and then stepping outside and the wind was blowing so hard!!  We drove up to campus and our graduation robes were blowing SO hard, just on the hanger as we were carrying them.  I remember trying to hold my hair down so it wouldn’t blow so hard…

When we all lined up, all the girls were holding their gowns down and their hats on their hands…one girl lost her hat and it blew into the parking lot.  Everyone started yelling, “Catch that hat!!”  They finally let us squeeze into the side of the building b/c it was SO COLD outside (of course, Texas cold, not Illinois cold)…I’m sure it was only about 50 degrees outside that day…

When we walked down the aisle to go sit down I remember my Uncle Johnnie sitting right on the aisle seat so I stopped to talk to him, as we were walking down the aisle (probably not the brightest idea, but I was excited)! 

When a graduate walked across the stage to receive their diploma (which is really just a welcome to the Alumni Association, we want your money letter inside of a nice plastic folder) their family/friends could stand up (in the audience) to support them.  Well, when I walked across the stage, Paul was already tucked backstage, waiting for his turn to walk so he couldn’t stand up for me, which I understand.  Well, I went and sat down and completely forgot to stand up when he walked across!!  Whoops!!  My bad…I thought about after he sat down…I almost asked for a do-over, but I didn’t…I thought he might be embarrassed….

We had a wonderful lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse after graduation with our family and our favorite professor, Dr. Prevost, and his wife, Peggy.  I’m not sure if Dr. Prevost will read this post, but if he does, I’d like to say thank you…

When I started Logsdon Seminary, Dr. Prevost was the 1st professor I ever had and he made me cry the 1st day of class (surprise, surprise, huh?)  I remember what he said that made me cry (but I won’t share that here…it’s not important)…the point is, for the 3 1/2 years that I was at Logsdon, he became my favorite professor!  He even officiated our wedding ceremony in May of 2006…thank you, Dr. Prevost, for being such a wonderful professor and a great friend!

Here are some pictures to commemorate the day…


Last Monday night we had our Great Oaks Christmas dinner at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Peoria.  It was pretty neat, but I don’t think it’s somewhere that Paul and I would go by ourselves (the cheapest steak on the menu is $16.99).  The concept is that you can cook your own steak on a big grill, along with your own potato and Texas Toast.  Paul got a 16 oz. Ribeye and cooked everything himself.  I got the all you can eat salad bar and got my own salad…and we still had to tip the waitress (Jim said we should’ve tipped ourselves since we basically did everything except get our own drinks).

The food was good, but like I said, because of the price, I’m not sure Paul and I would ever go there unless someone else was paying (thanks, Great Oaks)…

Winter Wonderland

Today we watched the weather during our lunch hour…

Here’s the forecast over the next few days for outside:

  • Rain/sleeting rain/snow/ice
  • 45mph winds
  • 3-6 inches of snow
  • single digit weather during the night (Wednesday night it’s supposed to be 4 degrees)!!

Here’s the forecast over the next few days for inside our house:

  • Pizza for dinner tonight
  • Flannel pajamas
  • Fleece blanket
  • Hot chocolate
  • Popcorn

Too bad we don’t have a roaring fire!

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment

the pond (almost frozen over, not yet)

otherside of the pond

beautiful landscape (snow covered parking lot)

snow plowed gravel road

Paul and Rebecca walking around by the bus stop

Jim and Hannah walking by the bus stop