Backpacking Bug….Again

About a month ago, Paul caught the backpacking bug….again. So, he and Graham planned trip #3 for this year. The last two times he’s been backpacking this year, they’ve gone to Missouri. But, this time Graham decided he wanted to go to Michigan. He found a 20-mile loop in the Huron-Manistee National Forest that he wanted to try. So, Monday morning they were off!

ready to go!

ready to go!

This was at 4:30 in the morning, waiting for Graham to come pick him up! (Notice the short sleeve shirt and shorts)! The first time they went backpacking it was SNOWING!! And, the 2nd trip it was COLD and RAINY, so this trip, by far, had the best weather!

Paul said the scenery was also the prettiest out of all three trips….I don’t know much about these pictures (I still haven’t talked to him “about” the trip, but I’m putting the pictures up anyway)….

Beginning of the trailhead (see Graham in the distance)

Beginning of the trailhead (see Graham in the distance)

I think, from looking at the next couple of pictures, they walked around a dam.



Handsome backpacker

Paul said they camped by the river (and even swam a little bit in the river)….



Graham's backpacking hammock

Graham’s backpacking hammock

Paul's tent (isn't it TINY)!?!

Paul’s tent (isn’t it TINY)!?!

I think Paul was right….look at the scenery!

DSCF5429 DSCF5430 DSCF5431 DSCF5432Even though they didn’t quite last the full 20 miles (Paul got dehydrated and his hip was hurting, so they turned around at about the 12-mile marker), he still had a great time! He comes home every time and wants to go again!