I am so tired of being cold all the time, BUT…..I am grateful that I do not live in Kotzebue, AK (I’m not even sure you can actually live there; I just know right now it’s -1 degrees there)

I am frustrated that I am gaining weight, BUT….I am grateful that I have food to eat and a fitness center to use to work-out

I am questioning why I am ready to go to bed by 9:30 each night, BUT….I am grateful I have a bed to sleep in

I am sick of wearing three layers of clothes every time I go outside, BUT….I am grateful that I have enough clothes to be able to layer up

I am rolling my eyes at how much dirt is on our floor in our house, BUT….I am grateful for a house that I can come home to

I am sad that I am not able to see my family more, BUT….I am grateful I have a family that I am close to (just not in distance)

I am guilty of having an argument with my husband today at work, BUT…I am grateful for forgiveness

I am sorry I got bangs last Thanksgiving and am anxiously waiting for them to grow out, BUT….I am grateful that I have hair to blow-dry and brush each day

I am guilty of still having laundry in the dryer from a week ago, BUT….I am grateful that I have a dryer at my house to use

I am waiting for the day that my Meme lets go and goes home to see Jesus, BUT….I am grateful that I have a mom who loves her mom so much that she cares for her almost daily

I am worrying how the cooking/kitchen/paperwork will be handled this summer (during camp) when I am not working in the kitchen anymore, BUT….I am grateful that I do not have to work in the kitchen anymore (a lot less stress on me)

I am missing having cable TV, BUT….I am grateful that we do have 5 channels to watch (in the apartment, we had nothing)

I am kicking myself that I am not diligent enough, committed, or confident enough in myself to have a daily quiet time with the Lord, BUT….I am grateful that I have a relationship with the Lord

I am questioning how I am going to adjust/adapt my bible study time on Tuesday nights b/c I have a brand-new neighborhood girl who just showed up last week, BUT….I am grateful that she wants to come and is interested in hanging out with us

I am sad that the Lady Bears got beat by the Aggies last night, BUT….I am grateful that the Lady Bears are such an important part of the Waco community

I am missing living in a big city where things are readily available, BUT….I am grateful that certain stores are not readily available (and our checking account is grateful, too)

I am so ready for the sun to shine again, BUT….I am grateful that I work inside most days when it is so cold outside

I am guilty of having a sink full of dirty dishes, BUT….I am grateful that I have a husband that will do them (Ha,Ha,Ha….that was a joke…..I’ll do them tomorrow)

I am gasping at the gas prices that keep going up, BUT….I am grateful that we have a car that takes us places

I am missing my sweet friends, the Derrick’s, in Waco, BUT….I am grateful that Ally is doing better and at home now

I am completely sickened by the Meth commercials that are on TV, BUT….I am grateful that maybe somebody else will see them and choose the other path

I am pouting b/c Paul doesn’t feel good, BUT….I am grateful that we have medicine he can take

I am rolling my eyes b/c Paul has to get up at 5:00AM in the morning (which means I have to wake up to wake him up), BUT….I am grateful that I can go back to sleep and don’t have to be anywhere until 8:15AM

I am loving the criminal, “cop” shows I watch on TV, BUT….I am grateful I never have to experience anything like they do on TV

I am surprised by the long list I made!!! 🙂


The past 24 hours have solidified that I am NOT ready to be a parent.  We had our TRAIL (bible study) retreat this weekend (actually just last night and today), so we had 12 kids out to camp.  At our house, we (Paul and I) had 3 girls (ages 10-12) spend the night.  Only 3 girls….and it was tiring….

How many times did I say:

“Girls, come on….”

“Girls, put your shoes on….”  (Repeat about 3X)

“________, please put your shoes on.”

“I am not going to help you carry that.  You brought it, you carry it.”

“I do not know where your brush is.  You just used it last night, so I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in this room.  No, you may not borrow mine.”

“Did you look in your bag?”  (Her response was, “Of course, like 5 times.”)

Does anyone want to guess where we found the brush.  (Yes, in the bag).

“_________, stop trying to make the kitchen chair rock.  It is not a rocking chair; you are going to break the backside.”  (I finally had to get her to sit in a folding chair, so she would quit rocking in a non-rocking chair)….

“Please stop touching that.  You are going to break it.”

“This is not your house.  Please do not open every door, just to see what is behind it.  Ask first.”

I CANNOT IMAGINE saying that all day, everyday…..how exhausting?!!

Paul and I took the girls on a walk last night at 10:00PM (in the dark) and they talked and screamed the whole time.  At one point Paul had two girls grabbing on to his arms, and I had one girl hanging on my arm, while trying to hold Paul’s hand with the other.  It was a sight to behold.

But, the lovely thing is….we sent them home today.  Now Paul is at church, practicing to lead worship tonight and tomorrow, and I am at home laying on the couch, watching T.V.

So, here’s to all the parents out there…..God Bless YOU!!

My New Little Friend

Sorry I’ve been MIA….I haven’t had much to talk about, I guess.  I have a post I’ve been working on for the past week, but I just can’t seem to get it all right….all my thoughts are jumbled and I can’t get them from my brain to my fingers, so until then….

Here’s my newest little charge.

Aren’t those lips just the cutest?!

He is such a wiggle worm; he doesn’t sit still very well for pictures….

Half-wrapped burrito baby

Just another day of lovin’ on a little one!

A Little Price Comparison

Let’s do a little price comparison….

                                                                           ALDI                                            Wal-Mart

Deli Sliced Pepperjack Cheese                             $1.99                                             $2.34

Red Grapes                                                        $3.50                                             $3.90

Jumbo Flaky Biscuits                                          $1.19                                             $1.36

Ground Turkey  (1 lb.)                                          $1.39                                            $2.18

Cream of Mushroom                                           $.59                                               $1.12

Parmesan Cheese                                              $2.29                                            $2.62

Pretzel Sticks (1 lb. bag)                                    $1.29                                             $2.78

Cream of Chicken                                              $.59                                               $1.12

Dill Pickles                                                       $1.59                                             $2.28

Paper Plates (45 count)                                     $1.89                                            $1.97

Quick Oats                                                       $1.99                                           $2.24

                                                                       $18.30                                         $23.91                                               

I saved $5.31!  If you have an Aldi, GO, Shop, Be Merry!!

There are some things that Aldi does not have, but for the most part, it’s worth a trip….and convienent for us, Aldi is right next door to Wal-Mart….

Gone Granola

Today, on a whim, I decided to make my own granola…

Paul said (and I quote), “This stuff is better than what you buy in the store.”  🙂 (Makes a girl smile)….

Here’s the super, yummy, EASY recipe….

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

In a measuring cup, mix:

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 t of vanilla

2 t of maple syrup (I used sugar free)

1 t of cinnamon

In a LARGE mixing bowl, mix:

8 cups of regular oats

1/4 cup of protein powder (I used Vanilla)-you can buy it at Wal-Mart or any healthfood store

Pour and stir honey-oil mixture over oat mixture until coated thoroughly.

mixed up in the bowl

pouring honey/oil mixture over oats

Spread evenly in two rimmed cookie sheets (needs to have a “lip” on the side, so the granola doesn’t spill everywhere).  You can also use a baking dish.

Bake for 20-25, stirring every 10 minutes.  Let cool and store in a tightly closed container in refrigerator or freezer.

cooking in the oven

made about 1/2 gallon

This granola is SO MUCH HEALTHIER than any granola bought in the store.  It has no sugar or salt in it.

I looked at a 12 oz. bag of BearNaked Formula (all natural) granola today at Wal-Mart.  What a read on the back of the package was disturbing….

In a 12 oz. bag there is 77 GRAMS of sugar and 1,120 mg of salt.

Even in the BearNaked Formula FIT granola, there is still 44 GRAMS of sugar!

Please, people, this granola is husband-approved….make some today!!!  🙂


Things that make you go Hhhmmm……

  • Why are there never envelopes to match the cards in the card section at Dollar General?  I find a card I like….no envelope behind it.  Do people just randomly take envelopes without the card?  It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Yesterday I talked to a lady on the phone that was from Abilene (Texas).  I don’t know her, but she asked me where I was calling from.  I told her I was in Illinois.  She replied, “I’m a fellow Yankee, too.”  I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of Illini “people” being called Yankees; that’s reserved for people in the New England area, if I remember correctly.
  • I’m not sure how I made it through seminary.  I’m freaking out about having to write a one-page bible study for small group on Thursday night.  I can even pick the topic and what we talk about, and I’m still struggling.  I have NO IDEA how I survived seminary.
  • Why cannot I not sleep well on Friday nights (and sleep in on Saturday mornings).  Paul snored so loud on Friday night, I had to move to the couch.  I even shut the bedroom door and that still didn’t help.  I had to sleep with my ear plugs in (as I do every night), and I wasn’t even in the same room as him.  Needless to say, I did not sleep well.
  • If Paul and I are ever poor (or at least poor-er than we are right now) I pray that we will still remember how to serve in and out of love and not base every decision on a financial gain.  (It’s hard to explain, but trust me, we saw evil creep into someone’s life this week and it was sad that they would not serve b/c there was no financial gain).
  • Why is it that people think that the “20 Items or Less” sign does not apply to them?  And, why doesn’t the cashier say anything to them when they are checking out with a cart full of stuff, far exceeding the 20 Item limit?
  • Why does a Tackle Shop stay open 24/7?  Does someone wake up in the middle of the night and say, “I need to go fishing.  I think I’ll go to the Tackle Shop at 3:00 in the morning!”

These are just random things I’ve thought of over the past two days…


Does anybody else write notes to themselves and then look back at them and wonder what they meant at the time?  CRAZY!! 

I have two notepads in my purse that I will write random things on, as reminders to myself.  Of course, then I don’t remember what they were reminders for.  Here’s some examples…

I’m not really sure why I was measuring something….and I’m definitely confused on why I might be measuring two bears and a grasshopper.

OK, I’m guessing that I had an appt. (somewhere) on the 19th at 9:00AM, but again, don’t know when or where that was…

And I have NO IDEA what that sentence means…”unbathed bassett hound that’s been rolling around in pig manure for a week.”  W-H-A-T I-N T-H-E W-O-R-L-D does that mean?!!

And, I’m thinking that I was looking at a review of a book or a movie since it says, “1/2 star.”

Apparently I had a HARD time figuring out what to multiply by 4 to get 48….

I actually DO know what this note was for, after I looked at it.  When our friend, Jim, was in the hospital last April, I got lost in the parking garage.  I parked and went down the elevator to the main floor entrance.  Well, when I left I went up a different elevator (but didn’t know it) so I was on the opposite side of the garage.  I walked around for about 20 minutes looking for our car.  I had to go to the bathroom, so I went back inside (a LONG WAY) to the bathroom.  I came back out to the garage (in yet another different elevator-which I didn’t realize) and got turned around again.  By that time, Paul had shown up (in a camp van) and saw me wondering around.  I went BACK inside with him to visit Jim (I had left Jim’s room about an hour earlier, by this time) again, and then we came back out together (on the right elevator) and found my car. 

So….the next day, when I went to go visit Jim again, I wrote down where I parked and which elevator to take.  Smart, huh?

And, of course, I have NUMEROUS random phone numbers written down with no name next to them (but I wasn’t going to post those on here).  So, if I don’t call you, it’s probably because I don’t which phone number is yours…Sorry….

Lesson learned from all of this….

If you want a good laugh, write down random things for yourself.

If you want to know people’s phone numbers, you might want to write their names down next to the number.