A Word of Advice…

If you are arguing with your spouse about something and trying to prove a point, make sure you have solid, positive evidence to back up your point…

Background:  Paul and I have “talked” about going to Michigan for Christmas for the last month of Christmas.  I use the word “talk” loosely b/c I pretty much “told” him we were going but that’s another argument for another day…anyway, he said he was really worried about leaving camp b/c of the condition the camp road would be in when we got back.

No one plows our road except for us, so if no one is here to plow, it does not get done.  We have had snow off and on all month with about 3-4 inches the past week.  (If you remember my previous post, I got stuck on the hill coming up the camp road).  So, Paul was worried but I kept telling him that it would be fine; we could do it.

Well, this past Wednesday we were getting ready to leave.  I thought I would drive up the dumpster to throw our trash away before we left.  I put on Paul’s shoes and a small thin windjacket (besides I was only driving up to the dumpster; it’s not like I was going to be outside very long)…

Here’s where my point was proven wrong…A Word of Advice…when you’re trying to prove that the road will be fine, don’t drive into a ditch on the camp road!


I had to abandon the car and walk home (remember I’m in Paul’s shoes and a thin windjacket)…then we had to walk back up the hill, following behind the tractor!

Again, make sure you have solid, positive evidence to back up your point!  And, just in case you were wondering…we are home but we did have to walk down the hill tonight.  We left the car at the top of the hill at Tyler and Shannon’s house b/c there was about 41/2-5 inches of thick snow covering the road…we opted to abandon the car and walk home!  Paul will have to plow tomorrow before we can bring the car home!

Christmas pictures coming tomorrow!

Jim pulling it on with a chain on the tractor (Paul watching)

Jim and Paul "pushing" the car out (it didn't work)

my back tire almost off the ground

close up

in the ditch across from the dumpster


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