Weight Watchers Update

Today was my 5th Weight Watchers meeting….

The 1st night (May 31st) I joined and weighed….

The 2nd night (June 7th) I lost 5.4 lbs.

The 3rd night (June 14th) I lost 3.0 lbs.

The 4th night (June 21st) I lost 1.8 lbs.

Tonight I lost 1.4 lbs.

So, a total of 11.6 lbs.

Just shy of 12 lbs.

I hit my 5% goal of losing 8 pounds and I hit my 10 pound goal….

So, I’m off to a good start….


A Perfect Marriage

Here’s something comical (or very disappointing, depending on how you look at it)….

I thought about writing a post on marriage (which I think I will soon; it’s still forming in my head right now), so I thought I would search “A Perfect Marriage” on the Internet….

The top 5 posts that showed up were:

Divorce Final 2-4 weeks

A Recipe for a Good Marriage

Marriage and Eternity

7 out of 10 people cheat

The Perfect Marriage, a movie

So…..if you look up “A Perfect Marriage” on a search engine you will find:

1.)  How to get a quick divorce

2.)  A recipe for good marriage (which is actually “Marriage Fitness” with Mort Fertel)

3.)  A website for the General Church of the New Jerusalem which claims that you can have sexual relations with your husband in heaven

4.)  Cheaterville.com (I don’t even want to know what this is about)

5.)  apparently a movie that I’ve never heard of….

It’s sad and disheartening….maybe I’ll write my own post about marriage, so if someone searches “A Perfect Marriage” they’ll find mine instead….(my post, not my marriage because it is far from perfect)….



Happy Birthday, Paul

Today is Paul’s birthday!!

I know the way to my man’s heart….it’s through his stomach!  So….here’s what he got from me yesterday….

Corn Nuts, Pringles, and an Almond Joy

(Notice the lovely card I made with computer paper and a black Sharpie)….

Giving/receiving gifts is not our love language, so we usually don’t do presents….

And, as long as we’re here at Great Oaks his birthday will always be during the middle of camp!!

I asked him if he wanted to go out tomorrow night (Friday) for his birthday.

His response:  “No, I don’t want to be around people.”

So, we’re staying home….

I love you, Paul.  Happy Birthday!


An Open Window

I’m not sure where the original quote came from, but Julie Andrews said it best.

“When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

I think I use this quote as a “crutch” for many aspects in my life.  As soon as something didn’t work out in my life (as I planned), I immediately looked for something else to fill that void.

I’m not saying that is necessarily bad to want to find another window, another path that the Lord is leading you down, but I think sometimes we take leadership and want to be in charge of that path, rather than letting the Lord guide us.

When Paul and I decided (together) that I would go part-time and only work 18 hours a week at Great Oaks, we committed to that decision and all that came with it.  We knew that my salary was going to be cut in half, and therefore, our expenses would have to change.  We embraced it, knowing that meant that we would need to eat out less, go shopping less, and watch our grocery budget.

But, through all of that, we decided that I would not actively pursue finding another part-time job.  If something became available, that would be great, but I just needed some time at home, by myself.  My dream is to be a stay-at-home wife, so only working part-time would be good for me.

However, God had other plans and knew just what we needed.

March 4th was my last day to work full-time.

On March 2nd my friend, Jen, asked if anyone would be willing to watch her baby boy 3 day a week, about 9 hours.

March 8th I started watching “B” 3 days a week.

June 2nd I stopped watching “B” because Jen decided to stay home.

June 3rd our pastor at church read my blog and found out that I wasn’t watching “B” anymore and wanted to know if I was interested in working at the church.

June 14th I started working at my church part-time.

Yes, God has continued to open doors for us, time after time.  Without ever pursuing a job, I have been able to have two part-time jobs since reducing my hours at Great Oaks.  And, the cool part is, the part-time job (watching “B” and) at church is very flexible and allows me to work the hours I need to work at camp and still go to Jazzercise in the mornings!!

God is faithful….just continue to trust in Him.  Of course, I guess it also helps to be likeable and have a charming personality so much that people are just drawn to you and seek you out!!  That’s what happened to me, of course!!  (Just Kidding)….

Weight Watchers Update

Today was my 4th Weight Watchers meeting….

The 1st night (May 31st) I joined and weighed….

The 2nd night (June 7th) I lost 5.4 lbs.

The 3rd night (June 14th) I lost 3.2 lbs.

Tonight (June 21st) I lost 1.8 lbs.

So, a total of 10.4 lbs.

I hit my 5% goal of losing 8 pounds and I hit my 10 pound goal….

So, I’m off to a good start….


Old Settler’s 5K

I must be:

a.)  glutton for punishment

b.)  really striving hard to lose weight

c.) committing to a lifestyle change


d.) completely STUPID!

Besides doing Jazzercise 6 times a week and starting Weight Watchers, I am now training for a 5K!

Tonight was the first night….I survived!

We had to run a timed mile….I did it in 12:19….

So, we have 10 weeks to build up cross training, strength, and endurance to complete 3.2 miles!

Wish me luck!!

31 for 31

Paul’s 31st birthday is coming up this Thursday, the 23rd.  (HaPpY BiRtHDaY, My Love)!

In lieu of flowers or gifts you can….

donate to our 31 for 31 project!!

31 life jackets for 31 years.

At Great Oaks we have a  pond.  You can swim, fish, canoe, and paddleboat.  Here are some pictures:

2009-some of the counselors playing in the pond

the pond during the winter

the pond during the fall

me fishing at the pond

(sorry it’s tiny)….

So, anyway, the pond….

Anytime you are in the pond (campers or guest groups) you have to wear a life jacket (it’s a camp rule)….

Camp is in desperate need of new life jackets.  So, Paul thought we might be able to ask our friends and family to donate money for Paul’s birthday so we could buy new life jackets for camp.

Here are some of the life jackets we are looking at:





As you can see, they are not terribly expensive, but money does add up….so, we’d love for you guys to help us!

If you want to donate to our life jacket fund, just send a check to Great Oaks Camp!  In the MEMO part of the check, please put LIFE JACKET (or Paul and Callie Tanner) and we’ll buy them from Wal-Mart!

Let me know if you have any questions….you can comment on this blog or shoot me an e-mail/FB message.

HaPpY BiRtHDaY, PAul!!

Weight Watchers

I’ve debated for awhile on whether or not I wanted to “share with the world” my journey of trying to lose weight, but I figured, what the heck, it’s my life and my blog.  So, here it goes….

Paul and I moved here in February 2009.  Now 2 1/2 years later, I weigh 30 pounds more than I did when we moved here.  (Numbers are not so important, so I’m not going to share my actual weight-some things are just too personal)….but, for me, that wasn’t good.

Because of my age and my height, I am still within the “healthy weight range” but I just wasn’t satisfied with myself because I knew I could do better (like when we lived in Abilene).  So, after trying and failing, losing and gaining, I bit the bullet and decided to join Weight Watchers.

My fear in writing this and letting the world know is that I didn’t want “people” to judge me because I was doing Weight Watchers.  Yes, I am still within my “healthy weight range” so technically I’m not overweight.  But, to me, it’s way more than just a number.  It’s a feeling.  It’s a confidence.  It’s a self-esteem issue.  And I knew I wasn’t feeling right.  I knew I wasn’t confident enough.  And I knew I could do better.  So, regardless of the weight number, I did it for myself.

I joined Weight Watchers on Tuesday, May 31st.  I am going to meetings in Chillicothe every Tuesday night.  My 1st week I lost 5.4 pounds.  I went back last night and I had lost 3 pounds.  So, I’ve lost 8.4 pounds so far.  My “goal” is about 20-25 pounds.  I only joined Weight Watchers for 17 weeks, so I am able to go to meetings through September.  Hopefully, I can stick with it after that (and that it becomes a lifestyle, not just a phase).  I was really hoping Paul could do it with me, but he eats every meal at camp…so, maybe in August, when camp is over.

I have been really pleased so far.  It’s really “fun” to figure out what you can eat and the point value of everything.  It’s almost a game to me.  It’s weird, I know….but it makes you so aware of what you are actually eating and how much you are eating….

So, here’s to Weight Watchers.



The Wife of a….

Program Director!

Yep, you’ve heard of Army Wives and Doctor Wives….

Well, I’m a Program Director Wife.  I see my husband early in the morning when I shake him to tell him the alarm is going off and I see him at night when I kiss him goodnight….(and maybe for 30 minutes in between)….

Paul just finished his week of training with the counselors, and our 1st set of campers will arrive tomorrow.  We’ve already had one counselor have to go to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.  Every year the goal is to not have to take a camper to the hospital.  For the 3rd summer in a row, Paul has had to take a counselor to the hospital.  Never a camper, but a three counselors!!

Even though I don’t see Paul as much, I will take “missing my husband” over the “stress” of working in the kitchen.  Only working part-time has been the best decision I could’ve made.  Yes, it’s still an adjustment for me, but I’m working on it.  (Let’s just say I won’t be in Pine Tree any this summer, unless I absolutely have to).

Keep us in your prayers….Teen Girls Week starts tomorrow!!