Boot Camp

Army Boot Camp

Army Boot Camp

I signed up to take two fitness/aerobic classes at our local gym in Lacon.  One of them is called Boot Camp and the other Body Tone and Fusion.  I went to Boot Camp this morning and it kicked my boo-tay!  It was HARD!!  I am the only one in the class, so it’s like having my own personal trainer for 45 minutes…I’m lucky I’m the only one in the class b/c I kept making Amanda stop and let me rest.  Of course, we had different ideas of what resting was…I wanted to “rest” (in other words, lay down on the ground and not get back up).  Her idea of resting was taking a walk to the corn fields and back (yes, I said corn fields…we live in Illinois, remember)?  Anyway, I did it, but there was still like 7 things on her list that we didn’t get to b/c I was so slow and had to rest all the time…but I didn’t quit!  I came home and just laid on the living room; I was so tired!  But, 4 more weeks of this and I’ll be a pro!  I go to Body Tone and Fusion on Wednesday morning, so we’ll see if I’m alive after that…


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