On Friday, Aug 21st, we packed up and headed out, in the pouring down rain, to go to Chicago for a couple of days, before we headed on to Colorado.  Our flight didn’t leave until Sunday morning out of O’Hare, so we took advantage of being in Chicago for Friday night and Saturday…

Friday night we enjoyed laying around the hotel room…a.k.a….watching T.V….  🙂

Saturday we went to Lincoln Park Zoo, McDonald’s,  the movies (two separate movies, I might add), play Putt-Putt, and out to eat a fabulous Mexican food restaurant.  Busy, busy…

We stayed in Elk Grove Village (a “village” out of Chicago) and on our way to play Putt-Putt, we saw a little park that had elk in it…they were fenced in…we stopped to take a look (and to take pictures, of course).  On the fence there was clearly a sign that read, “Do Not Feed the Elk.”  But, there was a Hispanic family that kept chunking apples over the fence so all the elk came up to the fence…it was pretty neat!  So, we saw elk in Chicago, not in Colorado.

Next installment is our trip to Colorado…stay tuned!

Elk in Elk Grove Village


Elk fighting

enjoying a rousing game of Putt-Putt

self-portrait, playing Putt-Putt

Paul's fabulous fajitas at Los Fernando's

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago skyline, complete with a seagull flying in the middle


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