Take Heart

Well, as it is with any severe medical trauma, there are a lot of uncertainties and many days where forward progress just does not exist. Tuesday was one of those days for Jeff. In my previous post I stated how well Jeff was doing–and he still is–it’s just that Tuesday was kind of a disappointing day.

Wednesday morning, around 11:30AM, my mom called me to tell me that Jeff had had a really bad day on Tuesday. He was having some more swelling in his brain. If you remember, the swelling had subsided over the weekend, but it came back on Tuesday. And, for the first time, he was complaining that his head hurt. (He has had no previous pain over the last 10 days). So, that was discouraging. (And, of course, I know Jeff had to feel terrible). Marcy and my mom were concerned he would have to go back to the hospital because of the swelling, so it was a waiting game on Wednesday morning to see what the surgeon was going to say. (Our hope was that the swelling was occurring because they pushed him so hard on Monday: moving him to the rehab center, starting therapy, etc., so if they just let him rest for the day, maybe it would go down)….

So, Wednesday afternoon was spent wondering how he was doing, and if this was, in fact, a major set back or just a small bump in the road. Throughout the day this verse kept running through my mind:

john-16-33-i-have-overcome-the-worldHonestly, my dad has been having a really rough time with this whole situation. My dad is “a fixer,” and when something is broken, he wants to fix it. And, he wants it to be easy. (Difficult things are difficult for him)….he has questioned time and time again, “Why do things have to be so hard? Why is everything so hard?”

I can’t get the right battery for the car…It’s too hard.

I can’t get the rental car for the right amount of days, and it costs too much….It’s too hard.

I can’t fix my son-in-law….It’s too hard.

Yes, Daddy, I know. It is hard. It is unfair. And, it just plain sucks sometimes. But…Take Heart.

For HE has overcome the world.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. We know, in a world filled with uncertainty and sin, that Our God, the God of Light, is breaking through the darkness to bring something forward, something unimaginable, something we could never dream of–when life is at its worst, God does His best work.

Everyday_Easter_article_tcw_blogWe just have to wait and see….

So, Wednesday morning the nurses at the Rehab Center called the surgeon to discuss it with him. He didn’t seem to concerned and said it was very likely that the swelling was because of the recent strenuous activity. Instead of doing therapy on Tuesday, Jeff was able to take his helmet off and rest.

Isn’t it such a peaceful reminder for us–to take time to rest. To pause for a moment or for a day and rest. Did you know that even our Lord, the Savior of the world, took time to retreat and rest?

9750545fc9f7cd14988feba0f43fe07aFor Jeff, physical rest was important on Tuesday. (It may be the same for you, as well). For most of us, though, I think it is so vital to take a mental rest–to withdraw to a lonely place, a place of solitude, and rest. Rest and pray. And find strength for another day. Jesus reminds us, in the book of Matthew, not to worry.

258fddbe433718f066ebd9d324d93181(I picked this particular picture because of the ocean in the background)….

So, with Jeff staying at the Rehab Center (and not moving back to the hospital), he had another day of therapy on Wednesday. My mom said that Jeff is doing remarkable well feeding himself with the fork/spoon. He is, also, certainly enjoying eating!

He is still improving on following certain commands. Yesterday Marcy said, “Kiss me,” and Jeff puckered up! 🙂

I have to believe the Lord is doing mighty things in Jeff’s life. He is moving and working in ways we will never understand. Twelve days ago he had a stroke. Now, he is in a Rehab Center, feeding himself and kissing my sister!

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow! And take heart because God has an amazing plan for Jeff’s life!


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