One Small Step for Man….

Every little step Jeff takes is a big deal (“step” being a figurative word, considering he can’t walk yet)….I never knew how exciting it was to hear about someone petting a dog or eating a Rice Krispie Treat! 🙂 But, the little things matter.

frank-howard-clark-writer-everyone-is-trying-to-accomplish-something (2)When there’s a 5–hour time difference there’s a little big of lag in getting information. So, this is just an update from the past couple of days, as I have received them.
1). Tuesday they moved Jeff to another room (in the Rehab Center), one with a security camera, so they could better monitor him. (Apparently on Tuesday morning he pulled his feeding tube out, which was frowned upon). In this room, he is monitored a little closer. 😉

2.) Yesterday a therapy dog, Gracie, came to visit him at the Rehab Center; he really liked petting the dog. Marcy thought it was a Labrodoodle, but she wasn’t sure. (It was a big dog, regardless)

3). Apparently, at work, Jeff has a co-worker that always brings a box of Rice Krispies to share with everyone. Well, this particular co-worker came to visit Jeff yesterday and brought him a box of Rice Krispie Treats. The nurse said it was OK if he ate them, as long as they were torn up into small pieces. So, he enjoyed that treat! 🙂

4). Yesterday they did a little bit of “object therapy” with him. They would show him a pen, write the word “pen” on a dry erase board and then have him answer, “Is this a pen?” (Yes/No). Then, they would erase the board, hold up another object, i.e. a ball, and say, “Is this a pen?” (He would have to answer Yes/No)…and then continue this exercise with different objects. This is just an exercise to continue to “trigger” those words in his brain–the doctors and nurses have said all along, “He has all the knowledge SOMEWHERE in there; we just have to get it out!” And, so they are trying.

5). Although the swelling has not continued, it has not gone down either. Therefore, Jeff has an appt. with the surgeon on Monday to further monitor the swelling.

My parents are TRYING to fly out tonight, but we’ll see how far they actually get. Texas is having some torrential downpours, severe storms, and tons of flooding, so they may or may not be able to fly into Dallas. After one flight being postponed, one flight being re-routed and another one cancelled, they are trying to fly to L.A. tonight and then from L.A. to Dallas (and then Dallas to Waco). We’ll see if they actually make it into Texas tomorrow! If not, they’ll hang out in L.A. for awhile!
I’m afraid this maybe my last DETAILED update for awhile. Mom has been faithful to call me each day, to let me know what’s going on. I’m afraid Marcy is not going to be as upfront and detailed about the activities of the day. So, we’ll see. 🙂

But, I know that Jeff is a fighter and a fixer. So, he’s gonna try–he’s gonna work his butt off and not give up–I just know it!!


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