Jesus Remains

Jesus remains in control. No matter the circumstances. No matter the challenges. No matter the rejoices. No matter the questions. No matter the blessings.

Jesus Remains….

He is worth it all. He is under the steeples and in the wilderness. He is in the megachurch and in the spiritual conversation at the bar. He inhabits our certainty and also our doubt. He is every good thing that ever was or will be, and He is still in the business of saving our lives. Really, that’s the thing. It is our hope and salvation, and everything else is just details. -Jen Hatmaker (foreward, Out Of Sorts).

Jesus saved Jeff. That’s all there is to it. Six days ago Jeff was having a life-saving surgery, removing part of his skull (because of swelling in his brain) and now he is out of the hospital, at Rehab of the Pacific, a rehab center, already learning how to walk again.

Yes, ask me if Jesus is in the miracle-making business. We have overwhelming evidence to say that He is.

You cannot witness the speed of Jeff’s recovery and not believe in a God of miracles. He is improving so much. Yes, they are baby steps. And yes, there will be setbacks, but God has done some amazing work in his life in such a short amount of time.

After his life-saving surgery on Tuesday, October 13th, there was still some thought that he might not make it through the night. Wednesday was a day of uncertainty but also a day of questioning…wondering what was going to happen next. What will he be able to do? How much brain damage will there be? Will he ever recover?
Sadly, some of those questions are still not answered. And may not be answered for quite some time. But, in the large scope of things it doesn’t really matter. At this point, praise Jesus he’s alive!

Over the weekend they were able to “unhook” him from everything, meaning he was breathing on his own, no catheter, no IV, etc. So, that was great news.

**A little funny side story: On Saturday the nurse came into his room to put socks on his feet. These particular socks had “grip strips” on the bottom. She said, “Everyone has to have them, so they don’t slip and fall.” Well, I hate to tell you, but he’s paralyzed on his right side and can’t leave the bed; I’m pretty sure he’s not going to SLIP on anything!” (This made my mom and sister laugh)!!

Also, on Saturday. one of the nurses was changing the bandage around his “open skull” and mentioned that it wasn’t as tight as it had been. So, my mom took that as good news; that the swelling had subsided. (Once the swelling goes down they will be able to reattach his skull—it’s sitting in a freezer right now, waiting for him).

On Sunday the occupational therapist came and taught him how to get food onto his fork and bring it up to his mouth. (He is right-handed, so it’s unnatural for him to use his left hand to feed himself anyway). **He passed his swallow test on Friday, so he is able to eat soft, solid foods. He just can’t chew on the right side of his mouth.

Yesterday they moved him to Rehab of the Pacific rehab center (a place away from the hospital) to start his in-patient therapy and rehab. This is where he will live and stay for a while, until he’s ready to go home. My sister was very encouraged by the center and thinks this will be great for him. They will do therapy with him off and on for 5 hours a day: speech, occupational, physical, etc. It’ll be a hard, grueling schedule, but it’ll be exactly what he needs. In fact, yesterday, they already had him standing at the parallel bars, “walking.” (It took 3 therapists to get him up, but he was UP, nonetheless). Marcy also rolled him outside, onto the lanai, and then told him, “OK, you roll yourself back inside.” (So, he used his good hand-the left one-and tried to push the wheelchair. He went around in a circle for a bit, but he tried)!

It’s amazing how far he’s come in just a week. A week ago, at this time, he was facing a life-saving surgery, and we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. And now he’s up and “walking!!”

Dan left on Sunday to go back to Houston, and my parents are leaving on Thursday night to fly home. The original plan was for me to fly out to Hawaii, once my parents left (in other words, I would just switch places with them). But, Marcy said, because he’s doing so well, she feels like she doesn’t need anyone right now. I will stay home and just see if she needs me later on, down the road. She is going to have to try to find her “norm,” a routine and a schedule that works for her, without having people there all the time. (And, if it doesn’t work out, and she needs someone; I can go whenever)….

***Another funny story from Monday.
Jeff was transferred over to the Rebab Center, and Marcy followed in her car. Well, by the time she found parking and figured out where to go, Jeff was already inside. She walked in the front door and asked the lady at the front desk where she could find Jeff. The lady responded, “Well, he’s in Admissions, probably filling out paperwork.” Well….Jeff is wheelchair bound, cannot talk, and cannot write, so I’m pretty sure he’s not filling out paperwork! 🙂

Jeff has been covered in prayer over the last week—our friends in Illinois, our friends in Washington, my other sister in Michigan, our friends and family in Texas, our family in California, their friends in Colorado, and countless others—all over the states, people have been praying for him. And, it is evident! The Lord works through those who are faithful in their admittance that they are not God….and that HE is!!

IMG_20151020_200029 I will continue to pray for him, his family, my sister, the therapists, etc.

As I’ve said before….where there is Light, the Darkness cannot overcome it. (John 1:5)

IMG_20151020_195912I believe the dark days are behind us. God has and will continue to work in Jeff’s life, and I pray he can be a witness to those around him.

And, above all else, no matter what, Jesus Remains.


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