You. Are. Enough.

For whomever may need to hear this today:

Back in 2011, the movie, The Help, came out, based off of the best-selling book by Kathryn Stockett. At one part in the movie, Aibileen tells the little girls she keeps, “You is kind, you is important, you is smart.” Read it again.

“You is kind, you is important, you is smart.”

 No matter what anybody else says. You are. Nobody what anybody else thinks. You are. No matter what you think about yourself on any given day. You are.

“You is kind, you is important, you is smart.”

Every woman should know that. Every woman should remember that. Every woman should be that.

And yet, we don’t. We don’t recognize our own beauty. Not the outward beauty that fades but the inner-beauty that is renewed day-by-day. (2 Corinthians 4:16 and 1 Samuel 16:7). What we see instead is…Comparison. Judgment. Insecurity. Inadequacy. Defeat.


Comparison is the thief of Joy. If we don’t watch it, if we’re not aware, it’ll sneak up and bite us in the butt. When we’re not looking, it comes and makes a home in our heart. We never intended it to happen, but it does. And we do nothing to stop it. We look at other people and wonder:

  • “What’s their secret?”
  • “Why can’t I get it all together?”
  • “What am I doing wrong?”

And then we judge ourselves. Based on what we see of others. We judge ourselves.

We thought we were doing pretty good. Holding our chins up high. Forging the way to our own destiny. Until we compare ourselves to unrealistic expectations that we put upon ourselves, based on someone’s else life.



We are beautiful because God said so. Nowhere in Scripture did God say, ‘You are beautiful IF….’

You were created in God’s image. And God does not make mistakes. To put yourself down for the way you are is to insult God’s handiwork.


You. Are. Enough.

What does that mean? You. Are. Enough. Enough for what? Enough of what? Enough for whom?

What does it mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean:

  • You are capable of getting it ALL done. (We all have limits)
  • You are capable of having the picture PERFECT life. (Let’s be realistic)

It does mean:

  • You are capable of finding true joy by being and accepting who God created you to be.

You. Are. Enough.

With all your weaknesses and your strengths.

You. Are. Enough.

You are worthy of His love and the joy He wants you to have in life!

You. Are. Enough.

So often, without even knowing, our hearts get so burdened and our surroundings get chaotic because we try to do TOO much and demand so much of ourselves, thinking we are supposed to achieve it all, all the while forgetting God has promised us an abundant life, if we solely rely on Him in all things (John 10:10b)

Breathe. Slow down. Take a step back. Prioritize. Focus. And decide….

Where should I put my efforts?

Make a conscious choice. Let some things go. And decide, once and for all:

To trust Jesus, who is the “author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2)

What will you choose to work towards:

  • less mess in your house?
  • a refocused/prioritized work schedule?
  • more un-distracted family time?
  • less comparison?
  • more peace with where you are?

Clean your house and your mind. (Many times they go hand-in-hand)!!

  • Less mess. less stress.
  • Less comparison. more peace.
  • Less judging your failures…and more joyful living.

You. Are. Enough.


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