More Snow Pics

Eventually the “newness” of snow will wear off (and I’ll stop taking pictures everyday), but until then….more pictures! 🙂

The car that we have now is not the same car we had when we lived in Illinois the first time. (Remember the fire)…..

So, this car has never “lived” in Illinois before! 🙂 I’m pretty sure it’s never registered THIS number on its thermometer before!



On Thursday morning I went for walk around the pond; it was only negative 2!! 🙂

Jim and Graham made a broomball court on the pond, thinking the Inner City kids could use it this weekend, but I don’t think the ice is thick enough. But, they made it, nonetheless.

broomball court

broomball court


close up

close up

I FINALLY wore my winter coat yesterday to walk around the pond. I’ve only worn it one other time and that was when we went to Chicago to meet Jonathan.

bundled up

bundled up

After taking 2 laps around the pond (which is around .65 mile) I went inside the office to “warm-up” for a bit. I was going to go back out and walk some more, so I grabbed Saddie (Jim and Ember’s dog) and took her with me!

Saddie and me

Saddie and me

enjoying the snow

enjoying the snow

After two more laps, we went inside! 🙂

School has been cancelled here for three days straight because of the wind chill factor early in the mornings. It’s been -15 to -25, and that’s too cold for kids to stand outside and wait for the bus. Next week we are supposed to be back in the 20’s, so they’ll have school like normal.

I’ve gotten out of the house everyday this week, just to run into town, go to the gym, the library, the grocery store, etc. I would get major cabin fever, if I chose to stay inside everyday. As long as Jim plows and salts, we’re totally fine.

We have an Inner-City Retreat this weekend. Paul and Jim are in Peoria right now, running some errands, before they pick up the kids! We have about 20-25 kids coming!!


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