Well, we’ve already lived in Illinois for over a month (by two days)! 😉 I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. We haven’t been doing much out of the ordinary, lately. Paul’s been working, and I’ve been keeping busy with….well, whatever I do each day to keep myself busy (it changes everyday).

Last week was Thanksgiving, and boy did we celebrate! We ate our weight in turkey, dressing, casseroles, rolls, and desserts!! We ended up having 3 Thanksgiving meals, over the course of three days. Thursday (T-Day) we had our own Thanksgiving lunch, together at home, complete with turkey, dressing, pan-friend potatoes, and rolls. Then, Thursday night, we went over to the Montgomery’s house where we shared in a meal with about 16 other people, all the Montgomerys/Perhams/Holloways, etc. (They have a really big family, and they all go to our church)! I really enjoyed hanging out with them-they are very sweet and all so hospitable. Friday we didn’t do much, but Saturday we went to the Richard’s house and had lunch with their family. There was 8 of us all together. Again, they all go to our church. We ended up staying at their house for 8 hours!! We had lunch, went on a walk all around their property, played games, etc. It was really fun! So, we are turkey-ed out!!

Sunday was a normal day of church and grocery shopping–we’ve worked out a system that works really well, so far. We make a two-week menu and we go shopping every other Sunday. Having a menu has worked really well because then I don’t have to think about what we’re having for dinner; it’s already planned out.

Monday I put up all our Christmas decorations and yesterday I helped set up “A Night in Bethlehem” at our church. It is an interactive open house that we are having in a couple of weeks. All we did yesterday was put up “walls” (big canvas upholstery sheets, hanging from the ceiling) and painted.


Our bookshelf, covered with decorations


our “little” Christmas tree (complete with packages)!!


downstairs, starting to create “walls” with upholstery


painting old Halloween signs with brown paint


Laura painting (You can see the “walls” in the background)

Tonight we are helping with “Hanging of the Greens” at church and then going to small group. We keep busy around here, that’s for sure!!


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