Church-Wide Thanksgiving Lunch

As I mentioned in this post, we had our Church-Wide Thanksgiving Lunch this past weekend. It was really nice–having it at Pearce Community Center was a lot better because there was a lot more room to walk around and “enjoy” visiting with each other.

I cannot take credit for these pictures-Kathy D. took them, and she did a great job (so I just stole them from her)!

IMG_270903448773752 IMG_270897243921013 IMG_270893289365848

I would guess we had about 150+ people there. It’s amazing how many new people are at CCC–it’s a wonderful thing for them, but there’s so many people I don’t know!!

Lots of food!

Lots of food!

(The turkey I cooked is somewhere in there)! 🙂

The Drake family is so talented–they sang our “blessing” before we ate!

Singing our blessing

Singing our blessing

I can only imagine the conversation between Lori and her granddaughter, Aza.

Lori and Aza

Lori and Aza

The Montgomery/Holloway family–one of my favorites!!!

Love this family!

Love this family!

Two women at church that I just adore!

Jenny and Kara

Jenny and Kara

And, because you can never have too many pictures of us!!! (Ha, ha, ha)!! I LOVE this picture!!


Paul and me November 2014


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