Gobble, Gobble

Last Sunday the hospitiality team leader came up to me at church and asked me if I would be willing to cook a turkey at our house (for the church Thanksgiving fellowship meal this Sunday).

Uuuuummmm…….OK. I’ve never cooked a turkey before, but that’s fine. I asked if I could have a SMALL ONE!!!! This is what I got!!

23 pounds!!

23 pounds!!

I think there really was no SMALL turkey because they were all over 20 pounds! I picked it up at church on Tuesday afternoon, and it was still frozen solid! (According to the chart on the back of the package, for 23 lbs., it was supposed to take 5 days to defrost it! (That was cutting really close)! So, I waited until Saturday to cook it, just in case!

Poor bird!

Poor bird!

I had to stick my hand WAY UP IN THERE!! It was still frozen in the middle and COLD!!! (I actually didn’t end up getting it all out–there was a “sack” in the back that I didn’t get–Paul found it later but it hadn’t popped, so we were OK)!!

We borrowed a meat thermometer and an electric knife from Ember, and that helped a lot!!

(Ignore the face)!! He was ready to carve....

(Ignore the face)!! He was ready to carve….

CAM04676 IMAG0475It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It cooked fairly easy (3 hours in the roaster). Cleaning up the cutting board and the counter when it was all over was kind of gross (and messy), but overall, it was alright!

It smelled like Turkey. It looked like Turkey. And it tasted like Turkey. So, that’s a success in my book!


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