Not being able to blog whenever I want (aka post pictures) is very frustrating… posts are going to be a little out of order, but oh well…..what do you do??

Last week Paul got a FB message from his friend, Jonathan, who said he was going to be in Chicago this week for a conference. (Jonathan and Paul were best friends in college, and Jonathan was the best man in our wedding. So….we’ve known him for a long time). Ironically, the last time we saw him was in 2009, right after we moved to Illinois the first time; he and his wife lived in Pennsylvania and were at a conference in Morton, outside of Peoria. Well, 5 years later, we moved to Illinois again, and he was in Chicago for a conference….so, we made the trip to Chicago to see him!

We had a great time!! It was really fun, and I’m so glad we went! (I’m glad Paul and Jonathan have maintained that friendship through the years)….

Jonathan was staying at the Hilton on Michigan Ave, so we found a parking garage and kind of met in the middle for Giordano’s pizza. Chicago is kind of “known for” their deep-dish stuffed pizza, and there’s a toss up as to whether Gino’s or Giordano’s is the best–we like Giordano’s! 🙂 After dinner we went to Le Pain Quotidien for coffee and dessert. It was “expensive” but it was Michigan Ave. (so do you expect anything less)!?!

I’m so glad we got to catch up with Jonathan–five years is just too long!!


Bundled Up!!!

In front of Giordano's

In front of Giordano’s

Jonathan, Paul, and me

Jonathan, Paul, and me


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