Our First Snow

Well, Thursday morning I woke up at 7AM (when the alarm went off). My routine is that I usually wake up and grab my phone to scroll through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, etc before I actually “get up.” Well, I hopped on FB and saw that Jim had posted a picture….of our first snow!

IMG_443149459326504This is Jim and Ember’s backyard. Yes, it’s not quite a “snow storm” more of a dusting, but it was snow nonetheless.

So, I put a sweatshirt on, threw on some snow boots and went outside and snapped a few pictures!

our driveway

our driveway

our "front yard" (looking toward one of the cabins)

our “front yard” (looking toward one of the cabins)

our backyard

our backyard

our front screen door, frozen over

our front screen door, frozen over

Life goes on, so we bundled up and went to the dentist! It “flurried” on and off most of the day, but nothing really stuck! I thin the ground was too warm, so it didn’t really stay around. We’re supposed to get 1-2 inches tomorrow night, so we’ll see…


Slow Going Part Two

Well, after trying twice to update the last post at home, I gave up. I’m now at The Coffee Hub, updating the blog, checking e-mail, etc. (The internet is much faster and I enjoy the ambiance)….

IMG_20141114_182151About a month ago (while we were still in Texas) I saw that the local gym (in Lacon) was doing a “fun run” on Friday night, the 7th. It was called the “Chocolate Run.” Basically they had a one-mile fun run, and then we ate chocolate afterwards! Shannon signed up to do it with me, but at the last minute Jeremiah got sick, so she couldn’t come. I had a good time, but it would’ve been much better with her there! I did manage to take one picture, just to prove I was there!

IMG_20141107_194552Amanda and her husband, Cliff, own the gym, and she is so sweet! She’s super cute (and super tiny, as well)!!

On Tuesday night I made sweet potato chili. It was really yummy. I got it from here. I changed the recipe up a little bit (because I didn’t have all the ingredients), but it was still really yummy.

CAM04602I topped it off with cilantro and avocado. Paul always makes fun of me because I never quite have all the ingredients when I’m following a recipe. For this recipe I had 10 out of 19 ingredients; that’s not too bad, if you ask me!

On Wednesday I ran into town to run some errands, so I thought I would “dress up” a little bit–Well….

Holey jeans in Texas=cute and fashionable!

Holey jeans in Illinois=cold knees!

CAM04611But, I wore them anyway because I looked cute!!

We’ve been trying to go on walks everyday. I think we’ve only missed one day since we’ve lived here. This morning we went on a walk, and it was 17 degrees outside! But, you know, after layering up, it didn’t even feel that cold!

1010118_741269634077_7078322286656240535_nThe Old Navy puffer vest is super warm!! I had on an ear wrap, gloves, a t-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, a zip-up sweatshirt, the vest, yoga pants, and windpants! Like I said, not really even cold!

In Part Two of our Move I showed you most of the trailer, except the living room. So, here’s the living room!

IMG_443132852001617 IMG_443139677547167The next post is exciting!! Our first snow!!