Slow Going….

Well, we’re still alive and kickin’; the internet at home is super slow, so I’m going to have to rethink how to blog….I’m so used to snapping pictures with my phone, e-mailing them to myself, and then updating the blog from my computer. Well, I’ve discovered that I can’t attach pictures from my phone (or documents on my computer) via e-mail because the internet is so slow. So, I really have to “plan” to blog….

We’ve had a cold front roll in this week. Yesterday and today the high has only been 34. But, surprisingly, we don’t think it feels that cold….we went on a walk this morning when it was only 26 degrees outside! The weather channel said it felt like 18 degrees outside, but again, we weren’t miserable. In fact, we didn’t even have coats on, just sweatshirts!

Morning stroll

Morning stroll

I snapped this picture of Paul yesterday, walking to work!

100 steps to the office

100 steps to the office

Today “the boys” (what I affectionately call Paul, Tyler, Graham, and Jim) went to the scrap metal yard to take some metal to sell. (They all go together because usually they get enough money for all of them to go out to lunch afterwards)! Paul snapped these pictures….

scrap metal yard

scrap metal yard

Graham at the scrap metal yard

Graham at the scrap metal yard

Can I just say how grateful I am that Paul has friends?!! It is such a blessing to me, as a wife, to see him have friends again. Giddings was a lonely place for us; we didn’t have a lot of close friends and struggled to find people to “share life with.” All of our friends in Giddings had kids (which was TOTALLY fine) but it seemed they were all so occupied with family stuff that we never really connected with anyone. Here, because we live at camp, we just have an extended family, automatically. Sunday night we went for a walk around the pond. While walking we ran into Jim, Graham, and Ember. An hour after our walk we ended up at Jim and Ember’s, having a campfire in their backyard. Then, Jim and Graham came over and watched a movie with Paul. Monday night I needed to borrow something from Ember, so we walked over to their house. They were having a campfire, so we stuck around for about 45 minutes. Then, later that night, we ran into them again….on a walk. Last night Jim and Graham came over (again) to watch another movie with Paul. AND ALL OF THAT was just in a matter of three days!! 🙂 See, isn’t it good to have a “camp family!!??”

And, as I mentioned, I have about three more pictures that I’d like to put into this blog post, but for some reason, they won’t upload….so, it’ll have to be updated at another time!

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