We Love

On Friday and Saturday we got to love on some of our kids!! Over the past 2 years or so some of the H.S. girls have come over a handful of times and I’ve made tater tot casserole. They love it, so they asked me if I’d make it again before we moved. So, on Friday, Kimmie and Victoria came over for lunch.

Kimmie, me, and Victoria

Kimmie, me, and Victoria

Later that afternoon we went to the Homecoming Pep Rally. Yes, I know I blogged a couple of weeks ago that I had gone to my last pep rally, but things changed! Paul went with me, which was fun!

Paul, Kyle, and me

Paul, Kyle, and me

Kyle is a junior and the quarterback for the Varsity football team. He and his family go to our church, so he’s had a special place in our hearts over the past 2 years.

On Saturday, Jaycie and Dana came over for lunch and ate the rest of the tater tot casserole, and we visited for a couple of hours!


Dana, me, and Jaycie


me, Dana, and Paul


me, Jaycie, and Paul

Saturday night we drove over to Bastrop and had one last dinner with Kris, Heidi, and the girls!

Aubrey and Paul

Aubrey and Paul

Aubrey loves Paul!!! (Kinley will grow to love him, as well)!

Paul and Kinley

Paul and Kinley

This is such a great picture of the four of us all together!

Kris, Heidi, me, and Paul

Kris, Heidi, me, and Paul

We will certainly miss Kris and Heidi! Thank you for being our friends and loving on us over the past year and a half!! We love you!


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