We Are Loved

Over the last several days we have been loved on, and we have shown love to those who know us the best.

As I mentioned in the last post, Sunday, October 12th, was our last Sunday at First Baptist. However, we still had one Wednesday night to go.

So….on Wednesday, Oct. 15th, we went to church for the last time. The youth threw us a little “party”

all of our GIRLS at FBC!!

all of our GIRLS at FBC!!

Then, after the Business Meeting downstairs, the church had a cake for us, along with some well-wishes and a basket full of cards! It was surprise and was definitely a BLESSING! We got a few very unexpected monetary gifts, that will certainly come in handy as we begin the move next week!

The Cake

The Cake

us with the cake at FBC

us with the cake at FBC

Let me back up a little bit. On Tuesday I did not have to work, so I thought I would pack another box (or two). Well, what ended up happening was that I pulled everything out of the top of the closets and then just stopped. I got overwhelmed and didn’t want to finish. Here’s the evidence….

the extra bedroom BEFORE!!

the extra bedroom

So, it sat like that for a couple of days. Well, Thursday Paul finished it for me!


the AFTER!!

Thank you, Paul. Also, on Thursday afternoon Paul went crazy and just started packing everything in the kitchen!!!

Crazy guy!!

Crazy guy!!

This is what it looked like as I was trying to make dinner, and he was packing!

The disaster....as I'm trying to cook!

The disaster….as I’m trying to cook!

Luckily, I got it cleaned up afterwards!

Much better....

Much better….

So, because of Paul’s packing frenzy, more and more boxes keep getting packed!! (It’s reality, people; we have 6 days, and we are out of here)!!
CAM04361 CAM04357 CAM04358Friday and Saturday have been really fun, but those pictures will be for another post! My parents are coming tomorrow, and I have to finish cleaning!!

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