Our First “LAST”

Well, with the news of our move, we are now beginning our “lasts”

Last pep rally….

(This is actually the first pep rally I’ve been to this year–because I’ve been subbing on the other days when they’ve had pep rallies–but, it’s almost my last)!

I can never really sit in a good spot in the gym to get good pictures, so this is all I got!

Several of our youth kids are involved in different activities: cheer, band, football, flags, so I tried to get some of their pictures….


This is Jasmine cheering. She’s a sophomore and a Varsity cheerleader


Melissa and Paige are both freshmen and are on the flag corps


Colton is a sophomore and a member of the drumline. You can see Jaycie and Victoria in the background, as well.

Last Home Varsity football game….

This was our third home football game this year. The Buffaloes have a reputation this year of waiting until the last few minutes of the game to pull out the win!! It’s nerve-wracking and so exciting to watch–and we did it again last night! We were down at the half, 21-10 (I think) and then rallied back and tied the game 28-28, at the end of regulation period. So….we got the ball first in overtime and went up 35-28. Then, it was Sealy’s turn. They couldn’t make it happen on the one possession they were allowed, so we won!! It was a great LAST game for me to watch!

The Buffs warming up

The Buffs warming up

Paul and I standing in the press box....

Paul and I standing in the press box….

The infamous helmet

The infamous helmet

These next two photos are not mine (obviously, based on the quality)…..

ready to play!

ready to play!

And....we won!

And….we won!

So, thank you, Buffaloes for a great win last night! We are 4-1, which is already better than last year when we ended our season only winning 2 games, I think!

It’s a great year to be a Buff!

To answer the question, we have 2 home football games left. October 17th is the next one, and I think we’re going to be visiting Paul’s mom that weekend, and the last one is October 31st, and we will be visiting Paul’s dad that weekend!

This was also our last 5th Quarter!

Goofy girls

Lindsey, me, Paige, Lillie, Melissa, and Taylor

Goofy Girls

Goofy Girls

Overall, I had a good “LAST” football day!


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