A Weekend in Waco

We have lived in Giddings for 2 1/2 years now. Waco, where my parents live, is only about 2 hours away. However, I really don’t go visit that often…..I think I’ve been to Waco about 4 times this year (from January until now), so overall, visiting my parents doesn’t come as often as you might think, and yet it’s nice to know that they are close, if anything happens.

Well, this past weekend I went to Waco to visit. And we had a BUSY weekend!!

Friday night we went out to eat with Mom/Dad’s usual “Friday night dinner group”…it was fun!

Saturday morning we got up at 4:45AM to go to the Race for the Cure in Downtown Waco. It was fun….it was humid, stale, and there was absolutely no wind so the run was HARD, but I did it, nonetheless. I walked the One Mile with Mom/Dad and then I ran the 5K.

Me, Mom, and Dad

Me, Mom, and Dad at the Race for the Cure

Immediately after the Race I cleaned up and had lunch with Dawn, Sarah, and Lila. I have been friends with the Derricks for 16 years, when I first started babysitting for them in May of 1998.

Dawn Derrick and me

Dawn Derrick and me

I love this picture of us! I think it’s so cute….

On Saturday afternoon we drove over to the Hilton and met up with some of Mom/Dad’s friends. James grew up next door to my mom in Mineola and was in town visiting his daughter at Baylor. So, we all just went to say hello!

Kris, James, Mom, and Dad

Kris, James, Mom, and Dad

After visiting with them we drove over to the new Stadium. I had only seen it while driving by on I-35 (and never up close), so Mom/Dad took me over there. We parked at the law school and walked over the bridge towards the Stadium.

on the bridge, walking to McLane Stadium

on the bridge, walking to McLane Stadium

I put this picture on FB and this is what I said, “Because of it being Parents Weekend at Baylor, I got to enjoy the fact that people looking at us might assume I was showing my parents around McLane Stadium, instead of the other way around. For a moment it felt good to know that I could pass as a Baylor student, instead of lamenting the fact that I actually graduated 12 years ago!”

RGIII statue at McLane Stadium

RGIII statue at McLane Stadium

It was nice; I’d love to go to a game one day, but right now all the tickets are sold out–maybe one day!

Saturday night we just hung out at home and then Sunday morning I got up at 7AM and went to church at Columbus Ave. I have not been there in SO LONG–I recognized a lot of people, but of course, after being gone for 9 years, there were tons of people I didn’t know. I went primarily to see my sweet friend, John Ray. He and I have been friends for a long time, and I try to see him every time I come to Waco. It was nice to sit with him at church and then visit with him afterwards.

After church I left Waco and drove over to College Station to have lunch with Kara, who was in town, visiting her mom. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture together, but we had a great visit!!

So….very busy weekend! I’m glad I didn’t have to teach yesterday; it was a nice day to relax!


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