Life Goes On

O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, bra!…
Lala how the life goes on…
O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, bra!…
Lala how the life goes on.

Not much is happening….

1.) This past Monday, the 1st, was Labor Day. Paul didn’t have to work, so we drove over to Cameron to see Kris and Heidi and to meet baby Kinley. She was born while we were on vacation in Illinois. She is teeny-tiny….but so cute!

IMG_20140901_194149This is Heidi, me, Aubrey, and Kinley when we went to dinner.

Before dinner we were just hanging out at their house, and I played a bit with Aubrey in her room. She LOVES my phone and….found the “camera button!”

IMG_36766614699216It was so cute–my phone makes a “click” sound when you take a picture….every time she took a picture she just laughed and laughed!!

2.) School has started around here, so I’m busy already substituting. We’ve been in school for 9 days (total) and I’ve subbed 5 of those days….not too bad, in my opinion! And….the best part is: I got a $20 raise from last year!! They are paying $10 more to everybody (that is a sub.) and then an EXTRA $10 if you have a college degree!! So, $20 extra for me…NICE!! πŸ™‚

3.) School has started around here, so we’ve promoted in the Youth Group. We have 2 new 7th grade girls that have moved up to the Youth Group. Last Wednesday night we had 9 kids–not too bad for a Wednesday night, but they were ALL GIRLS! Estrogen was overflowing in that room–Paul was the lone guy! πŸ™‚ You’d think with all those girls we could attract some MALES!

IMG_20140831_110543This is just a picture of Paul and me. It’s from last Sunday morning–I just had a really cute outfit on (and I was having a good hair day), so I wanted a picture. If you’re a girl, you totally understand….right?!!

4.) School has started around here, so football is in full swing. We were on vacation when the Varsity played both their scrimmages, so the first game we saw was the first home game, which was last Friday, the 29th. We won 52-35. It got a little nerve-wrecking in the first two quarters because they kept rallying back and forth. We would score. Gonzales would score. We would score. Gonzales would score. But, once the second half came around, Gonzales never score again, so we won pretty big! It was a REALLY LONG GAME! It wasn’t over until 10:45PM! This past Friday night, the 5th, we had another home game. We played Wimberely. We won 34-31 but only by the skin of our teeth!! Similar to last week, we went back and forth for a bit and by the time the 4th quarter came along, we were losing, 27-30. There were only about 3 minutes in the game, and I really thought we were going to lose. So, I left (to get ready for 5th quarter). By the time I got to my car we had scored again! πŸ™‚ So, we won 34-31! The game was not quite as long as last week’s, but it was still long. It wasn’t over until 10:25! I’m enjoying the games–I’m praying that we can do well this year! Last year I think our record was 2-6. 😦

Varsity team captains

Varsity team captains

I actually stole this picture off of someone’s IG (can’t remember who) because I thought it was such a cool pic. At the beginning of August one of the H.S. students at GHS died in a car accident. He was #15 in football and was going to be a senior this year. So, for these first two games they have taken his jersey out to the middle of the field with them, as an honor to him. It was really sweet….

5.) School has started around here, so 5th Quarters are alive and well! Because we have had 2 home games in a row, we’ve had two 5th Quarters in a row! The past two years that we’ve been here, we’ve rotated and had 5th Quarters at three different churches: FBC, 1st Assembly of God, and Martin Luther. We may do that again this year, but for now, FBC has hosted the first two….

IMG_20140906_002206This is the only picture I’ve taken so far at 5th Quarter. (I’ll try to do better at the next one)!! πŸ™‚

We kind of had a funny thing happen last night at 5th Quarter.

Each week, after the kids have played for a bit, we gather them all together for a short devotion (maybe 5-10 minutes). Well, last night Adrian, a guy from 1st Assembly was doing the devotion. Right as he started two cop cars slowly passed by the church, like they were on a stack-out. Kim (a lady from our church that was volunteering) looked at me, wondering why they were there….Uuummm…not sure, I don’t know.

Then, we turn around, and the two cop cars have come around the backside of the church and are now sitting in the parking lot and one of them gets out. (Adrian is still talking at this point, so Paul goes over to see what they need)….Well, it turns out that somebody dialed 911 (we HOPE it was an accident)….we hope (and think) somebody probably butt-dialed them by mistake and when nobody responded, the cops located the signal and then just came to check it out. Paul told them they were more than welcome to walk around and look, but he didn’t think anybody was in trouble. The cops decided everything looked fine, so they left! πŸ™‚ (But, for about 2-3 minutes we had some excitement)!! πŸ˜‰

6.) I’m enjoying a day of rest today because tomorrow, after church, I have to babysit for 7 hours!!! So, it’ll be a LONG DAY!! I’m off to take a nap–