O, Next to My Home, I Love You Siloam (Mission Trip 2014)

Well, we’re back. Mission Trip 2014 was a huge success! 🙂 We went to Camp Siloam in Siloam Springs, AR…..they are a Christian camp located just west of the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. We were there (as a team of 32 people) while they were hosting camp for 500+ kids, 3rd grade-12th grade….it was so much fun!

Camp Siloam

Camp Siloam

This was our second Mission Trip with FBC Caldwell and Marlow Baptist, and it went off without a hitch!

Here’s recaps from last year’s Mission Trip to Tennessee.

Here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Even though last year was wonderful (and our kids really enjoyed it), I think this year certainly exceeded our expectations and I enjoyed this year a lot better than last year. Not only we were on a “mission trip” but we also got to participate in a little bit of the “camp side” which was great for our students! We were able to attend worship services (with the Youth Camp, 7th-12th grade) twice a day (both morning and night), as well as eating all of our meals with the camp staff. We also had our own Devotional time in the morning and a small Worship service each night….it was the best of both worlds, which was great!

First and foremost I am SO PROUD of Paul!! He pretty much organized the entire Mission Trip. Even though Kris and Tim were leaders on the trip, Paul pretty much did the whole thing! He wrote every devotional, led worship every night for our group, and pretty much was the “go to” guy for EVERYTHING!! He did an awesome job, and I can’t brag on him enough!

CAM03821This is a picture of Kris, Paul, and Tim!


One downside of this trip is that Heidi and Aubrey couldn’t go! 😦 Heidi is 8 months pregnant and wasn’t able to make the trip this year….I certainly missed her (and Aubrey)! It certainly wasn’t the same trip without her! They saw us off at the church on Sunday morning…..Aubrey got on the bus and said, “I going!”

Aubrey "driving" the bus!

Aubrey “driving” the bus!

I missed you, Heidi!

Heidi and me (from 2013)

Heidi and me (from 2013)

Now, I just have to weed through 127 pictures and figure out what to share with you!



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