Spring Break 2014

I REALLY enjoyed the aspect of Spring Break this year. Last year, I subbed at GISD, but my schedule was not full enough to really have Spring Break effect me. But this year, I was really looking forward to it.

We didn’t do much, other than a couple of day trips to Bastrop, Brenham, and College Station, but I enjoyed just taking it easy in the mornings and NOT having to get up at 6:15AM each morning! (I’m writing this, by the way, at 12:00-MIDNIGHT-knowing I have to get up in 6 hours, but I’m just not tired)!

Here are just a few pictures from the week–

Last Saturday I woke up and was hungry for pancakes. So, Paul, being the wonderful husband, went out in the RAIN–he wanted me to point that out–and got pancakes and bacon! And then he cooked for me!

The best husband ever....

The best husband ever….

On Tuesday we had to go to Brenham, so we stopped at Starbucks….I was bored in the car, so I just took a couple of pictures.

my new favorite picture of myself....

my new favorite picture of myself….

just chillin' in the Starbucks parking lot

just chillin’ in the Starbucks parking lot

On Thursday I got a pedicure, using a gift certificate that I got for my birthday back in August!



Friday we went to College Station and just ran some errands. Friday night was preparing for my parents to come visit this weekend!

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