A Weekend Visit

This weekend my parents came for a little visit; they haven’t been here since we moved into our duplex (back in July). The primary reason they were coming was to hear Paul preach at church (Tim is out of town)….but we also decided to drive over to the Painted Churches in/around Schulenberg. I had never heard of them, but mom said she had heard of several people talking about the Painted Churches, so we went to see them. It is basically a collection of old Catholic churches, mostly built in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s that are “painted” on the inside, as well as having these immaculate sculptures inside.










I did go inside a couple of the confessionals, just to see what they looked like. I came out pretty quickly and my dad commented, “Well, you weren’t in there very long!” My reply, “I’m perfect; didn’t see a reason to stay in too long, if I have nothing to confess!” 🙂

This sign was in one of the confessionals.

CAM02989After we got from Schulenberg, we went out to eat. Mom and Dad WERE going to stay in a hotel in Giddings (we don’t have an extra bed), but the three “GOOD” hotels in Giddings were all FULL, so they ended up staying with us!!! It was certainly unplanned, but it really worked out fine, despite not having an extra bed and only one shower!

Paul did a good job preaching this morning, talking about choosing joy, in all circumstances!

IMG_20140316_155417His sermon was based on James 1:2-4



He didn’t think he did too well, but most of the time, we are our own worst critics! Everyone at church was very complimentary of him and enjoyed bragging on us to my parents!

My parents left about 1:30, and we enjoyed our Sunday afternoon naps!!

Back to school tomorrow! 🙂



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