Snow Day in Texas

I’m supposed to be teaching today, but we had a “bad weather” day (aka “snow day”/ice day).

Let me back up…..about 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to go to Illinois sometime soon to visit my “camp family” and see my friends from CCC. I also really miss cold weather/snow, so I was hoping to see snow again ( I haven’t seen it since we left Illinois two years ago).

Well, I got my wish, early….and in Texas.


Our “palm tree” leaves outside our front door…..


The grass near our front door


Our car


Me by the leaves. Yes, I’m barefoot; it wasn’t that cold (only 25)!


Our back porch….

So, no school today. It’s not because of the snow; it’s because of the ice. People in Texas have no idea how to drive in these conditions, and I feel we are much safer INSIDE, than outside on the road. But, no worries. Our high tomorrow is 62!

The bummer of it all, though, was that I was still awake at 6:45AM this morning!!! So, it’s naptime for me!


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