Christmas with the Fam 2013

Well, we survived Christmas…..I’ve been gone 6 days (Paul was only gone 1), so I’m just now “catching up” despite 2013 being over….

This post is just full of pictures…..

On Friday (the 27th) we drove to Waco to my parent’s house. Marcy and 2 of her kids, along with Leslie, Scott, and their 2 kids were there.


Grady’s favorite thing at Grandmama’s house is the hammock. It was not “out” but he got it out of the storage closet and put it up himself!CAM02235

Mom and Dad under the tree…..


Playing a little “Gin Rummy”



Drake, Kainoa, Kainani, and Grady (4 out of the 5 grankids–Alika is missing)


Scott, Leslie, Marcy, me, and Paul (we’re missing Jeff)


Drake, Scott, Grady, Leslie, Kainani, Marcy, me, Kainoa, and Paul (we’re missing Jeff and Alika)


Leslie, Marcy, Kainani, and me (all the girls)


Paul and me-Christmas 2013


Santa stuffed our stockings full (at mom’s house) so we were all digging through stockings–chapstick, pens, almonds, klennex, Starbucks gift card–very important gifts as an adult!



All playing Ticket to Ride (we played 3 times)!!

While the “bigs” were playing Ticket to Ride, the 2nd cousins were all together: playing outside, watching movies, building forts…



Along with my sister’s and their families, my aunt/uncle were there (in Waco) as well as my cousin and his two kids.

Paul, Dustin, and me


Paul and Dustin (being cool)

Random thing….while we were at Mom’s house Kainani found a tree bark that was shaped just like Texas!


On Saturday Paul drove back to Giddings and I went to East Texas with  my parents and the rest of the crew… total, on Saturday, I think we had about 30 people there at Tom and Charlene’s house….


Kainani riding the horse, Ace. (She LOVES horses)!


Meagan (Carla’s oldest), she’s 12.


Judson, Dustin, and me–all talking

IMG_1824Some of the “grandkids”/2nd cousins–Stephanie (13), Drake (14), Kainani (14), Kainoa (16), Grady (9), and Ryan (16)

One of the crazy things we do when we all get together in East Texas is take pictures outside. It’s wild and crazy with too many chiefs (and not enough Indians) telling everyone else what to do…..the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth closed, stand where you’re supposed to stand and smile when they say “1,2,3” 🙂


Our family–minus 3 (Jeff, Alika, and Paul were missing)

Dad, Mom, Leslie, Grady, Scott, Drake, Kainoa, Marcy, Kainani, and me


The original Hubbard Five-Dad, Leslie, Mom, me, and Marcy


The 3 Hubbard girls–this one is my favorite! Leslie put this one on FB, and many of her friends thought Marcy and Leslie could be twins! (Apparently, I’m the “adopted” one)!


Mom and Dad with 4 out of their 5 grandkids (Alika is missing)

Kainani, Mom, Kainoa, Drake, Grady, and Dad


Ryan, Stephanie, and Dustin Hitt


Uncle Johnnie, Aunt Ila, Ryan, Stephanie, and Dustin Hitt


The original Hubbard cousins (7 of us all together)

Marcy, Dustin, Leslie, Carla, Judson, me, and Tom


Cousins with their spouses or significant others

Mike, Carla, Marcy (missing Jeff), Dustin, Scott, Leslie, me (missing Paul), Judson, Mica, Tom, and Julie


All the “grandkids”/2nd cousins (missing Alika)

Drake, Stephanie, Jonah, Michelle, Kainoa, Clayton, Hannah, Meagan, Clint, Kainani, Grady, and Ryan


The “outlaws” Mom, Johnnie, and Charlene


Dad, Mom, Johnnie, Ila, Charlene, Tom


The original Hubbard 3-Dad, Ila, and Tom


The Hubbard’s

The Coffee’s, The Hubbard’s, Tom/Charlene, and The Hubbard’s

IMG_1856The whole Hubbard “clan” (minus 3–Paul, Alika, and Jeff)

While we were there the Drake became “countrified” and got “gently used” cowboy boots from Judson, and then Judson bought him a pair of Wranglers and a shirt….

IMG_14139221548667Looked good in East Texas, but I’m not sure Michigan can handle it!

(On a side note, my mom made this blanket for Drake for Christmas)!

IMG_18408499747090If you remember, Paul cleaned out his old room at Thanksgiving. Well, his brother, David, was a big UT fan so he had a bunch of old Texas t-shirts in his room. So, I took them, gave them to mom, and she made Drake a t-shirt blanket! He loved it (and Paul’s dad was super impressed)!

I came back to Waco on Monday with Mom and Dad. On Monday night we went to the Baylor Boy’s basketball game. It was pretty empty (with “open seating”) because everyone was in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.

IMG_20131230_181425Mom’s first “selfie” with me….

Still being apart from Paul (:() I spent New Year’s Eve watching the Texas game, painting my nails by the fire….


New Year’s Day Dad made black-eyed pea soup (that was REALLY good)!!

CAM02261On New Year’s Day night Marcy (with Jeff) and their kids came BACK to Waco to stay until Saturday. I, however, left yesterday to come home. Six days was enough for me!!

Now, I’m home….starting at a Christmas decorations that need to be put away and a duplex that needs to be cleaned!

Happy New Year!!

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