Christmas Trip 2013

Paul and I have been “together” for 9 Christmases, 2005-2013. Every year we do something completely different, depending on where we are living, where we are working, etc…. 🙂

So….we don’t really have any “traditions” or things we HAVE to do, places we HAVE to be, or people we HAVE to see. So….this year, knowing we were going to be by ourselves on Christmas Day, we decided to go to San Antonio. If we were just going to sit around the house doing nothing, we might as well go on a trip! 🙂

IMG_20131223_161749Christmas Vacation ready to commence….

So….we went to San Antonio. It was Paul’s idea to go to Holiday in the Park at Fiest*a Texas.

HIP-Logo-600xIt was so fun–I absolutely loved the shows! We didn’t ride ANY RIDES, just watched every show they had…..

"Have Yourself a Looney Tunes Christmas"

“Have Yourself a Looney Tunes Christmas”

It “snowed” at the end of the show (in the seats kind of to the side of us). It almost looked like “soap” as it was landing on people’s heads. I told Paul I was glad we didn’t sit “over there.”

CAM02146They turned the Log Ride into Santa’s castle. We didn’t “see” Santa but we walked through the castle, looking at the decorations, until we hit the line to “see” Santa (we turned around).

in front of Christmas Trees at Santa's castle

in front of Christmas Trees at Santa’s castle

cute little "claymation" Elves

cute little “claymation” Elves

I really loved the Looney Tunes Christmas show, but the next one was REALLY GOOD, as well. “Happy Holidays” show was a lot of singing, dancing, etc. So….so….good!







After that show we went over another theater for the Majesty of Christmas. It was beautiful with real-live animals (sheep, goats, donkeys, camel, etc.) and angels that were flying over the audience….


CAM02191This is a much better picture courtesy of this website.

overtxchristmas1After the Majesty of Christmas, we went over to see the Christmas Tree Lighting. We got there at just the right time….



They had fireworks after the Christmas Tree lighting….CAM02196

We went to Chick-Fil-A on Monday night for dinner (gift card means FREE DINNER)!!


On Tuesday (Christmas Eve) we went to the San Antonio Zoo. (Just FYI it is open 365 days a year, even on Christmas)….

It is a great zoo–we spent almost 3 hours there!! It really is a wonderful zoo to visit, if you’re ever in San Antonio.



They had hippos at this zoo, which I thought was really cool (because I don’t know of very many zoos that do).

They were H-U-G-E!!CAM02205


I don’t know if you can tell, but in the picture below there were monkleys and seals in the same cage. The seals weren’t in water (they were on land), and they lived among the monkeys. At one point the seals were trying to “nip” the monkey’s tails….it was so funny!


After a lazy morning at the hotel we headed home today, Christmas Day. We will travel again on Friday, going to Waco to see my family…..craziness will ensue!


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