LOT 2013

Two weeks ago I volunteered at Lights of Te*jas with Lillie and Lindsey. You can read about our SUPER COLD night here. Well, last night Paul and I volunteered together. The weather was MUCH MORE pleasant, and, in fact, Paul wore shorts/T-shirt because it was so warm.

We volunteered last year as well (but I looked back and I have absolutely NO PICTURES from LOT last year).

Anyway, we volunteered last night from 5:00-9:30. You’re really supposed to stay until 10:00 when you volunteer, but that had SO MANY volunteers last we decided to check out early. We were home by 9:45 and Paul was asleep on the couch by 10:00!

Here’s the entrance to LOT:

CAM02122Here’s the GRINCH and his lovely face when he found out he had to work in the Marmax and listen to Christmas music for 5 hours (which turned out to only be about 2 1/2 hours between our dinner break, our regular break, and us leaving early)!

CAM02119Here’s the Marmax:


“Selfie” (in terrible lighting because of the recessed lighting above us and all the Christmas tree lights in front of us).

CAM02116Here are some of the decorations outside of the Dining Hall:

CAM02120(Oopps….I’m not sure where my other pictures went)….

Here’s a “selfie” of us under the Trail of Lights, as we were leaving.

IMG_20131221_192717(A little fuzzy, but overall cute).

We were at home, nestled in our beds couches by 10:00. Paul, sleeping and me, watching TV. 🙂

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