A Weekend in Waco

I have been to Waco three times in the last 4 weeks…..I didn’t really “plan” it, but it’s just how it worked out. I went to Waco this past weekend (even though we were just there for Thanksgiving 10 days before). My mom’s church was having an Advent by Candlelight service (as part of their Women’s Ministry) and she wanted me to go to that, along with my dad and I going shopping, me getting a massage, and having lunch with a friend!

My mom has “Wrapping Central Station” in one of her spare bedrooms. Tape, scissors, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, etc are all on the bed. So, naturally, after we went shopping, I helped Dad wrap my mom’s presents.


CAM02044Last year my dad used a cereal box (as a gift box) for one of my mom’s presents.

dscf4476This year he used a cookie dough box…..

CAM02042Silly, silly….

No trip to Waco would be complete without going to a rent house with my dad…..

Here’s evidence I helped the last time I was in Waco….

dscf2290So….this time I helped him fix a shower that was dripping.

CAM02046Really all I did was hold the flashlight and keep my mouth shut. It was advice from my mom, and it seemed to work pretty well.

While driving around Waco I looked over and saw myself driving in front of me! I did a double-take because I seriously thought it was Paul in front of me (but I was driving our car, so it couldn’t have been him)!

CAM02060On Sunday night we went to Advent by Candlelight.

IMG_20131208_205544It was a nice time with my mom and her S.S. class.

And a trip to the “big city” is not complete with a “red cup of deliciousness”


I came home on Monday night, after having lunch with Dawn and getting a massage (thank you, Michelle)! 🙂

I think I’m home for now….at least until Christmas!


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