Almost every time I substitute there’s always those kids who say things that just make you go….”What!!??” Or they say things that just make me laugh…..

(I’m writing these down, so I don’t forget)….

1.) Conversation with a student who had a broken arm, in a sling
Me: “What happened? What did you do?”
Student: “I fell off the back of a mule.”
Me: “The back of a BULL….what were you doing riding a bull?”
Student: “No, Miss, a mule, not a bull.”
Me: “Well, what were you doing riding a mule? That’s weird.”
Student: “No, Miss, a mule….like an ATV mule, not a donkey.”
Me: “Oh, well, that makes more sense.”
Clearly I am NOT a country girl…..

2.) A day when I subbed 4th grade…..

I bumped into a students desk today. I apologized.
Students response: “It’s OK. You have hips. Most women do.”
This coming from the same boy who told me my forehead looked shiny and I needed some powder…..
He clearly has women in his life and needs to work a little bit on “tact.”

3.) A conversation with one of the little boys that comes to our church on Wednesday nights….

I saw Q today (he’s 4)….
Q: “Miss Callie, are you going to church right now?”
Me: “No, today is Thursday.”
Q: “But, you said you were going home. You live there, though, right?
Me: “No, Q, I actually have a home.”
Q: “Oh, OK.”
His mom and I laughed and laughed….

4.) And, lastly…from PE on Friday.

I subbed in PE today at the Elementary School….
Student: “Mrs. Tanner, I need a faster hula-hoop. This one is too slow.”
Me: “Ummm….honey, the hula-hoop is not the problem….your hips just need to move a little faster.”
Students: “No, it’s the hula-hoop. I’m trying, but it keeps going slow and then falling down. I think it’s broken.”
…..Sounds to me like someone needs to work on their hula-hoop skills a little more!

I subbed every day this past week, and I’m subbing 3 days this week! 🙂 Thursday night I went to bed at 9:45PM, Friday night I went to bed at 9:30PM, and Saturday night I was in bed by 10:00PM….this working everyday makes me TIRED!! 🙂




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