Tex*s Night Out

Last night was “Tex*s Night Out” (Nation*al Night Out was in August, but you know Texas…we gotta be different)! 😉

So, FBC had a Neighborhood Block Party last night….we had about 60+ people there total.

Cole brought his big smoker and we had hot dogs and spicy sausage. Bluebonnet also donated 2 coolers of water, which was super nice! 🙂 We also had the LEO club paint faces….

CAM01582 CAM01574 CAM01589We had 2 inflatables for the kids, which was great! They just ran themselves ragged (and hopefully slept good when they got home)!

CAM01568 CAM01565 CAM01562I jumped for a little bit–it did not go well!!


The police, ambulance, and volunteer fire department also came and the kids go to climb on the trucks and in the car.

CAM01596 CAM01595  I had a good time, and I think our church did, too.



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