A Collection of Pictures…..

Here’s what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks!

On Thursday, August 29th we went to Walker’s first football game of the season. (He’s a freshman). It’s true love when you sit in 100+ degree weather to watch your youth!!! It was HOT!!!! (Did I mention it was H-O-T)!!!


Freshmen Football

Freshmen Football

It was H-O-T, HOT!!!

The following Friday night, the 6th, we had out 1st Home Varsity Football Game. They played an away game on the 30th and narrowly won, 22-21 against Liberty Hill. Well, we didn’t do so well on the 6th….we lost.

beautiful Giddings sunset

beautiful Giddings sunset

our "football helmet"

our “football helmet”

Varsity Football

Varsity Football

On Saturday, September 7th Paul and I went to a Baylor game (Sic’Em Bears) with Kris and Heidi!! They got 4 free tickets (and an AWESOME parking pass), so they asked us to go with them!! It was H-O-T, but fun!!!

CAM01444 CAM01445 CAM01446

Aubrey did pretty well, considering she is 12 months old and it was about 115+degrees outside (not really, but it was sweltering and we were SWEATING)!!!

CAM01448 CAM01452

Once halftime hit (and Baylor was winning, 56-13), we decided to leave and find a cooler place to hang out. So, we went to Bahama Buck’s!! Apparently Paul’s snocone was a little too sour for Miss Priss!!! 🙂

CAM01457This past Thursday night we went to the 1st Middle School football games. That’s 4 games–7B, 7A, 8B, and 8A! Again, it was HOT the first 3 hours….it finally cooled off the last hour and a half because the sun had gone down!

CAM01472 CAM01471We had another home game this past Friday night….and it was another tough loss!! (I’m praying these past 2 games have just been a “fluke”–otherwise District is going to be AWFUL for us)!!




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