Do I look a year older??

Well, today is my 33rd birthday! Do I look 33??

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I don’t think I LOOK 33….sometimes I feel 33, but fortunately (thanks to my mom), I look very young for my age!

Paul’s parents treated us to 2 nights in a hotel in San Antonio (Thank you, Mike and Donna), so Wednesday night, off we went!!

On Thursday we went to Fiesta Texas….we had 2 extra tickets leftover from our trip in July (with the youth) so we went!

on our way!

on our way!

Besides paying for parking, our trip was free (can’t get much better than that)! We enjoyed about 2 hours in the water park and then went on a couple of rides!

Paul’s favorite ride at Six Flags is the “train” that goes around the whole park—

969030_650952071197_120483018_n(This is us on the train when we went to Fiesta Texas back in July)…..

Well, yesterday the train was closed–temporarily)–Paul was very sad.

CAM01195Luckily, it started working again and he was happy again!!!

CAM01193For dinner we went to Jason’s Deli and then crashed at the hotel. This morning we both woke up, feeling sore and jolted–and we only rode 2 rides in the main part of the park! We are definitely TOO OLD for amusement parks!!

Today we took it easy and got home around 3:00! After a quick nap, we were off to the first Giddings Buffaloes football games!!! The freshman played at 5:00 and it was SO HOT!! After sweating for about an hour we left (skipping the JV scrimmage) and got something to eat. We went back to the stadium at 8:00 for the Varsity scrimmage and the temperature was a million times better!! I love me some Giddings football!

CAM01204(I love, love, love this pictures–the sky is just beautiful)!

And…my favorite part of Giddings Football…..

CAM01206Whether we win or whether we lose, the glory still goes to God! At the end of every Varsity football game (both home and away) both teams gather together and pray–it is wonderful to see. Thank you, Coach Jones!

So, that was my birthday! I had a great day–thank you, Paul, for my little “mini-vacation”!

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