Vacation Bible School 2013

Well…..we survived! It’s now 12:04AM (it just rolled over to Saturday), so our week of Vacation Bible School is officially over!!!

I absolutely loved it! There’s so many stories I could share, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • We raised over $400 in offering throughout the week. All of that money is going directly back to our youth that are going on the Mission Trip in July to Knoxville, TN.

One cute story: One of our 5 year olds found a quarter on the floor during crafts. He found me and said, “Ms. Callie. I found this quarter; take it to Tennessee with you, OK?” 🙂

  • I cannot count all the children that told me the memory verse this week! It was amazing!! Even the little 4 year olds were “spouting” it out, like it was NO BIG DEAL!!!

2 timothy 1 7 bible verse2 Timothy 1:7

  • Apparently there’s a new book in the Bible: 2 Tiffany!! 🙂 (One of the little ones told me the verse was in 2 Tiffany (not 2 Timothy)….I thought it was so cute; I didn’t correct him)!
  • We had an average of 78-80 kids each day for the whole week! I am just beyond excited about that….there are 2 other churches in our area that had VBS the same week we did. Honestly, I was so disappointed because I was just sure we were going to “lose” kids to Martin Luther. And, we probably did, but overall it did not hurt us AT ALL!! (My “hopeful” number was 60, so we blew that OUT OF THE WATER every single day)!!
  • As the director, I was blessed by some wonderful workers/park guides/volunteers/youth helpers, etc. They exceeded my expectations and just went above and beyond what was asked/expected of them! The “adult” workers in the certain areas: Crafts and Recreation, just complimented their youth workers over and over–how wonderful they were, how helpful they were, etc. (Makes me feel good, since they are a part of our youth group)!!
  • I have some great friends who stayed after VBS this afternoon and helped tear down decorations and box them up for another church!! Thank you Sandra, Paul, and Erica!
  • I have met some great families in our community (Hi Kelly)!!

And the best thing of all!!!!!

  • We had 4 girls decide, for the 1st time, they wanted to ask Jesus in their hearts!! And, they did! I had one girl come and talk to me about it on Wednesday!!! Then, I had 3 girls talk to me today (Friday)–I was so excited….I could not even talk about without crying! Praise Jesus!!

I will show pictures of the VBS through the kids that I know (and would be OK having their face on our blog)!!

DSC06083 DSC06097 DSC06107 DSC06109 DSC06110 DSC06126 DSC06135 DSC06155 DSC06128 DSC06146 DSC06147 DSC06166 DSC06212 DSC06203 DSC06190 DSC06259 DSC06262 DSC06547 DSC06442 DSC06519 DSC06332 DSC06339 DSC06525 DSC06096 DSC06519 DSC06489 DSC06497 DSC06510 DSC06529 DSC06307Now on to Youth Camp!! 🙂


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