Vacation Bible School 2013

About 6-7 months ago we were having a Children’s Committee Meeting, talking about Vacation Bible School. Obviously, we needed a director. And….me, having an OCD/ADD, crazy-obsessed-with-organization/wanting-to-be-in-charge  personality, VOLUNTEERED!! So, here we are. Our 2nd day of Vacation Bible School!

I’ll do a post about it later, but for now, I just wanted to remember the decorations! We were SO SO blessed this year by 3 different “churches” giving us decorations to use. Our association (FIRM Baptist area) that we are a part of “built” a few decorations and are passing them around to the different area churches. So…some of our decorations came from them. Last Thursday a church from Bryan called me and asked me if I wanted some of their decorations–of course!! So, I drove over to Bryan on Friday morning and got some of their decorations–that same day, a church in Cameron called and let me have some of theirs. So, after Bryan, I drove over to Cameron and picked up more! And, to top it all off–my friend, Lindsey, helped me A TON and made me several posters, along with a couple of the youth girls from our church! We were not lacking in the decoration department. I think it was “just enough” without going overboard!

And, the cool thing is: we are going to be able to BLESS 2 MORE churches when we give our directions to them!

So….here are our decorations!

decoration1 decorations30 decorations31decoration2 decoration3 decoration4 decoration5 decoration6 decoration7 decoration8 decoration9 decoration10 decoration11 decoration12 decoration13 decoration14 decoration15 decoration16 decoration18 decoration19 decoration20 decoration21 decoration22 decoration23 decoration24 decoration25 decoration26 decoration27 decoration28 decoration30 decoration33 DSC06054 DSC06055 DSC06060I have absolutely been blessed this week (so far) and it’s only Tuesday!!!


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