2012 in Review

Well, a new year will start tomorrow…..  🙂


Who woulda thought? 2013!! Feels weird to say, for some reason…..

Anyway, I thought I would do a Top Twelve of 2012:

1.) January-

We found out we were moving to Texas


You can read about it here.

2.) February-

We moved!

DSCF2091There are way too many posts to link back to…..but if you just “click” on February 2012 on the sidebar, you can read all about our move

3.) March-

A hard month of learning to adjust to our new town (at least for me)

You can read about it here

4.) April-

Really started to get involved by going to track meets and S.S. parties

dscf2442dscf2500You can read about it here and here

5.) May-

I went to Hawaii

Aloha sign at AirportYou can read about it here and here and here

6.) June-

We learn more and more everyday about ministering in a “secular culture” (it’s a lot harder than it was when we were in Robert Lee in 2006-2007)

You can read about it here (along with a ton of other posts throughout the year)

7.) July-

We went to Youth Camp and Pre-Teen Camp

DSC04900DSCF3193There are 3 posts about Youth Camp in the July sidebar and there are 3 posts about Pre-Teen camp in the August sidebar. You can just “click” on the month and read about them…..

8.) August-

Struggling again to minister to the youth of this culture

You can read about it here and here

9.) September-

Football overtook our lives for roughly 2 1/2 months!

539459_439676552737730_392092210_nYou can read about it here and here and here

10.) October-

Uuuummmm…..our car caught fire and blew up!

DSCF3854You can read about it here!

11.) November-

We went on vacation to Illinois!

IMG_6454We can read about where my heart is here

12.) December-

PicMonkey CollageSpent Christmas in Texas for the 1st time since 2008….

You can read about it here

Of course this is in NO WAY all that has happened or all that I’ve blogged about this year, but it gives you an overview of the “semi-big” stuff throughout 2012….

I posted 128 times this year, so if you’d like to read about it all…in full, HAVE FUN!!!