Jesus, Come Quickly

In the wake of the tragedy of today (the shooting at the Connecticut school that killed 20 children and 6 adults) I decided to write. I’m not sure where exactly my thoughts will go or if my words will flow, but nonetheless, I write.

Now, of course, I have to ask myself….why did I not “write” about the other shootings in and around our states over the past year? (The list is extensive and found here)….it doesn’t even include the shooting in Oregon three days ago! Apparently if you only kill 3 people, it’s not major)…..

Anyway, why this one? Why this shooting? I don’t really know the answer, other than to say, it’s been on my mind today….so I shall write.

Of course the shooting happened this morning, so immediately it started showing up on FB. (Surprisingly, though, I read the Yahoo article before I looked at FB–I know, I’m surprised myself. Most of my news I get from FB)….

Two things jumped out at me….

Jesus, Come Quickly and Teachers Armed (And Dangerous)!

1.) Jesus, Come Quickly

Over the course of the day, after having FB “open” for most of the afternoon, several of the people I know have updated their status to say, “Jesus, Come Quickly” (or something to the likes of that)…..

In other words, it’s a plea.

A cry for help.

We don’t know what else to do, so Jesus come.

We’ve given up hope in humanity, so come.

A cry of desperation.

A cry of sorrow and shame.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

But, is it a cry for Jesus to come literally, as if we want this life of ours to be over?….(that we’re ready to be in Glory with our Maker).

Or is it a cry for Jesus to come and meet us where we are….in desperation….in pain….in sorrow….pleading for all that we know? We know Jesus, so please come.

It could be both. Literally and figuratively.

If it’s literally, I don’t agree. I don’t want to Jesus come back….yet.

My work on Earth is not done.

Despite the tragedies of today, God’s work is not complete. We are to be God’s hands and feet here on Earth. And, we can’t do that if….Jesus Comes.

If it’s figuratively, then yes, Jesus Come.

Come, give comfort to those who are hurting.

Come, give healing to those who are suffering.

Come, give strength to the broken.

Come, give peace to those who are faced with the “why.”

Yes, Jesus Come.

But, why are people so enraged and heartbroken over this tragedy? Children are dying everyday, all over the world, numbering over 19,000, but why do we not cry over those? Why do we not want to have prayer vigils at church for those children? Why are we so affected by those that are close to home?

Is it because it’s just that….close to home. Is it because it happened in a town like ours? Is it because the families that were affected are like ours? Do we relate better to them because it could happen to us?

Maybe I’m cynical or jaded, but if we pray Jesus, Come Quickly for today, why wouldn’t we pray Jesus, Come Quickly everyday….for children are dying, all over the world….not just today.

2.) Teachers being Armed (and Dangerous)

Another status update that has been on FB today is “Teachers should have guns to protect our babies.”

When I first saw this (on a “wall” of a “friend” of mine) I immediately said to myself (and out loud, probably), “No way! I have to disagree.”I typed it out even, as a response, but I deleted it.

I deleted it because a.) I have to be careful what I type on FB as a pastor’s wife and b.) I’m not even sure what I think about that….

I’m not a proponent for guns in general. I’ve never been around them enough to be “for” or “against” them, but I don’t really back the theory that guns are the right way to go….All I see of guns is the negative. The shootings in malls, schools, movies, etc. (I don’t even see the positives….not too many news stories run stories on guns being used in a positive way)….

But the idea of arming teachers is just wrong.

(Close your eyes and imagine)

Little hands reaching into a teacher’s desk, looking for a pencil and pulling a trigger.
Little hands grabbing for a stapler, instead feeling the butt of a gun.
Little hands wanting crayons out of a box, instead switching the safety off on a (loaded) gun.

And, most of all, teachers would never have (enough) proper training in the mechanics and handling of a gun. Having a gun in your possession is a full-time job. You cannot guess; you cannot forget. There is no such thing as a foolproof gun.

I just think it would lead to way too many accidents in the classroom….
My babies’ lives are more important than a loaded gun in a desk that is needed just in case.

So, maybe the answer is tighter security….armed guards at each school….
Do I really want my babies to be escorted by a police man with a badge and a gun going to recess? No.
But, is it necessary? Maybe.

I don’t know…..I don’t know what to think.

But I am grateful. Grateful that Jesus has not come….yet.* had an article about the shooting on their website….it was titled, “Evil visited this community….”

It’s a beautiful headline, in my opinion, because it states that evil VISITED… was not welcome, so it did not stay… only visited….and there will peace again.

The world seems a little darker tonight. That I can see. But, there is hope. You were born into darkness. And yet, You are Light.

John 1:5-“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Thank you, Jesus, for being Light in our dark world…..


3 thoughts on “Jesus, Come Quickly

  1. What a fantastic piece of writing, Callie. So proud of you! You’ve articulated your thoughts so well, and I think the best part is the DEPTH of your thinking (not just shallow and superficial comments). I agree completely with your reasoning and conclusions.

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