Where My Heart Is…..

Since the day we moved “back” to Texas, I’ve been wanting to go back and visit Illinois (and, no, I’m not exaggerating)…..I really wanted to go this summer, but it just didn’t happen. So, when the fall rolled around, I knew we could go. I’ve been looking forward to and anticipating this trip for the past two months, every week e-mailing our friends and saying, “Only 4 more weeks!” “Only 3 more weeks!” and so on…..

And it finally arrived–

I cannot tell you how excited I was and how much my heart swelled when I landed in Peoria. My heart certainly is still in Illinois with our church and camp families….

I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking because I cannot adequately put into words how blessed I was….

After arriving on Monday afternoon I drove over to camp and surprised Shannon and the kids. Ethan and Andi were outside playing when I drove up. I squatted down on the driveway and said hello to Andi. It took her a second to realize who I was, but she immediately jumped up and said, “That’s My Callie. My Callie is here!” (She’s 3, by the way)….melted my heart. She wouldn’t let go of me for the whole hour I was visiting. She kept petting my hair saying, “My Callie, My Callie.”

Ethan, Andi, and me

Jeremiah-5 months old

It was my first time to meet Jeremiah because he was born after we moved.

On Monday night we had dinner with the Cline’s and then spent the night at their house. Paige is one of my dearest friends that lives in Illinois. I miss her terribly!

Paige and me

On Tuesday we drove up to Aurora and visited some friends, Brian and Julie. Leo is 22 months old and Ali is 9 days old! 🙂

me, Leo, Julie, Brian (and Ali)

On Tuesday night we had dinner with our friends, the Kelly’s. Faith was Paul’s little “girlfriend” when we went to CCC. She loves Paul!

Paul and Faith

Wednesday we spent the better of the day in Lacon, visiting with friends and hanging out at camp! (Oh, how I miss Ember and Shannon)….

Ember and me

I also went to Pizza Peel for lunch on Wednesday (My Fave)!! with some good “Lacon” friends….

Ember, Amanda, Jen, and me

Wednesday night we stayed with Bob and Angie from CCC. Bob is the pastor at CCC and one of my dear friends…..I absolutely love hanging out with Bob and visiting with him and Angie (It was also Bob’s birthday, so I told him that “us” visiting was his present)!

playing Ticket to Ride with Bob and Angie

Thursday we spent the morning at CCC, visiting with Rusty, Jacob, and Bob.

CCC Reunion: Lori, Jacob, Rusty, Paul, me, and Bob

Thursday afternoon and most of Friday we spent hanging out camp with our “camp family!”


playing a little pick-up basketball with Jacob

Andi, Becca, and Hannah playing “princesses”

Andi and Becca-two peas in a pod

lovin’ on Hannah

Shannon and Jeremiah

Jacob and Ethan

Paul and the Klingbiel kids

our camp family

“The Real Campwives of Marshall County”
Ember, Nikki, Shannon, and me

the guys: Graham, Paul, Mark, Jim, Tyler, (and Jeremiah)

Becca got braces, so she wanted to show them off

Hannah and Andi

Paul, Hannah, and me

Becca and me

Paul left to go home on Saturday, but I stayed through Monday. I was able to worship at CCC on Sunday! 🙂

Megan and me

I had a fantastic time! 🙂
But, over the course of the week, I also remembered that we have great friends here, too, in Giddings. Today was proof of that! I got to have lunch with Melissa, talk to Toni on the phone, and have dinner with Audrey and Victoria! We are blessed to have “families” in Illinois and Texas! Thank you for loving us!



















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