Buffaloes vs. Leopards–a tough night!

Last night was a “ROUGH NIGHT” for the Buffs. We lost a district game, 31-0, against La Grange. 😦 Super sad, frustrating night…..

But, I’ll back up a little bit first….

On Thursday nights, when GMS plays at home, we sit up in the pressbox with our friend, Mike, while he “calls” for the 7th/8th grade teams….Paul helps him “spot” (do you like all the technical words I’m using, as if I really know what they mean)….

So, here are a couple of pictures from GMS games…

GMS cheerleaders-they do really good “stunts”!

Paul using his binoculars to help Mike “spot”

Funny, though, I didn’t get any pictures of the game!!

So….Friday night, before the game, we went to the “Black History Clu*b” pre-game dinner.

Paul and me

Then we went to the game….it was a COLD night…..probalby in the 40’s. Now granted we lived in Illinois for 3 years and we are used to the cold, but I didn’t have any gloves, a hat, or a scarf….so I was a little “chilly.”


warming up with some hot chocolate

After the very “tough loss” (31-0) we had 5th Quarter at the 1st Ass*embly of God church. It was a very “low attended” 5th Quarter….it was super cold and we just lost, pretty bad….but we had fun, nonetheless!

Kyle, my favorite 9th grader

trying to make the “tallest” structure out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows!

the winning structure

Hattie, me, and Victoria

We had a good night, despite the loss. But, Buffs, get ready for next week!! 🙂



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