I Need A Vacation…..

Goodness, gracious!! What a week?!! It was crazy, busy…..I’m ready to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N…..

If you didn’t read about what happened earlier in the week, you can read here.

So…..after the car accident we had to start “new to us” car shopping. (Not exactly what we had planned for this past week)…..

The accident happened on Monday. On Tuesday we went and picked up a rental car in Bastrop. (We found out later that, by Texas law, our rental car is only covered for 2 days. If we had known that before we went to pick it up, we might not have gotten it…but we did. And we kept it until Friday. (Long story)….

On Wednesday I subbed all day at the Middle School–I was the “talk” of most of the classes because I was in a wreck and all the kids wanted to hear about it! On Wednesday night we went to church and helped pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child–it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it….Here are some pictures from that night.

Ms. Beth explaining to the kids what the boxes were for….

Sierra praying for the children that will receive the boxes

Adara and Melissa

Hanna packing a box

Abraham and Cody packing boxes

Paul packing a box

Audrey and Aislyn

Jack and Willie

On Thursday Paul worked (had somewhat of a normal morning). I had lunch with a friend and then headed to the Middle School Pep Rally. Thursday night we went to 3 football games: 7th grade B, 7th grade A, and 8th grade. For the middle school games we sit up in the press box with our friend, Mike, who calls the games….Paul helps him figure out who did what play and who has what number!

Friday Paul and his dad went to test drive a car in Austin.

2009 Kia Borrego

I subbed all day at the Middle School. After coming home to change clothes real quick, I went back to the school and watched 2 games of volleyball. Friday night, of course, was Friday Night Football!

After the football game FBC hosted another 5th quarter. My camera was really messed up on Friday night, so I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures. But, here are some that I did get.

Ryan (from Martin Luther) and Paul

Sharon helping with the food

some H.S. girls at 5th Quarter

some of the other girls at 5th quarter

Jordan playing ping-pong

After getting home at 12:45AM on Friday, I turned around and got up at 7:00AM to go work at Food Pantry. I left Food Pantry early (at 8:45AM) to go to our Operation Clean-Up: The Playground morning at church. We ended up having about 9 people there, which was nice…..(we really had no idea how many to expect)!





Melissa and me

Shyann and Amy



Then, after getting home after 9:00PM on Saturday, we got up at 7AM because Paul was preaching on Sunday!!

He did a fabulous job!! Be a proclaimer, not a complainer! Psalm 145:4-7

(On a side note, we have Children’s Bags at church now. The “big hit” in the bags now is Pipe Cleaners–the kids LOVE THEM!! 🙂

Zarai with pipe cleaner glasses!! 🙂

So, now, it’s Monday. We got up at 6:00AM this morning….Paul dropped me off in Waco at 8:30 and he is now in Dallas at a youth minister’s conference.

I am certainly hoping that when Thursday rolls around, it will begin to quiet down!! I have had enough excitement and enough busy-ness to last for quite a while!!