Just Another Ordinary Day….

Just Another Ordinary Day…..Well, OK, maybe not. Let me share with you how our day started….

Today, October 8th, is a school holiday (for the kids). So, Paul and I thought it would be fun to take some of our youth kids to Bastr*op to eat at Dou*ble Dave’s (a pizza place). We were going to have to go early because the kids had cheerleading, football practice, and volleyball games later in the afternoon. So, we were meeting at the church at 10:30AM.

The weather has been getting “a little colder” (just in the mornings, mostly) so it was a “jeans/boots kind of day”

We ended up only having 5 kids come with us….

our 7th grade girls–Adara, Melissa, Madison, and me

Melissa, Madison, and me

Audrey and me

Paul and me

Walker went with us, too, but he didn’t get in any of the pictures….

So, because, we only had 5 kids, we decided to take our own cars, rather than take the church bus. (We both decided it would be “silly” to waste all that diesel gas for just 5 kids)—so we took our cars. I loaded up the girls: Audrey, Melissa, Adara, and Madison in our Hyundai**Santa Fe and Paul put Walker in the Camry with him.

We headed down the road to Bastrop (about 30 minutes away). No problems on the way there (until we got to Bastrop)…..here’s where our “ordinary day” took a turn for the worst…..

On High*way 71 a plastic bucket was “bouncing” around on the road, like it had fallen out of the back of someone’s truck. The car in front of me swerved to miss it, but I couldn’t avoid it. So, I hit it. Well, it got stuck underneath our Santa Fe. I immediately pulled over (on the overpass, next to a concrete wall), thinking I had busted a tire. I walked around the car, but none of the tires were busted. Then, I began to see a small amount of smoke coming from the engine. My 2nd thought was that the engine had overheated. Paul pulled over behind me and got out, thinking the car had overheated. I told him I hit a bucket. He told me just to squat down and pull the bucket out. Well, when I bent down to look under the car, I saw an incredible amount of smoke building up, under the front of the car. Paul walked around and announced that our car was on fire. So, all the girls jumped out of the car and ran back down the highway (on the shoulder, next  to the wall), away from the car. And, the pictures will tell the rest of the story….

our car smoking….around 11:01AM

the police shutting down the highway (and our car is officially “on fire” in the background)

a closer view

putting the fire out (it was bigger, earlier, but they wouldn’t let me get too close to it)

using the Jaws of Life to open up the hood of our car

hanging out on the side of the highway

Melissa and Adara

looks OK from the back

looks OK from the side

doesn’t look to good from the front

looks really bad from the front

what it looks like now, in the storage unit where the wrecker took it

see how the tires just melted!!

Once the fire was put out and everything was OK, we decided that we could probably still go to lunch at Dou*ble Dave’s, like we planned, but we didn’t have enough room in our Camry for everybody…..

SO…..our 7th grade girls rode IN THE BACK OF THE POLICE CAR!! The policeman took them to Double Da*ve’s, and I took Audrey and Walker in our car. Paul stayed behind and waited for the wrecker service to come get our car.

So, we enjoyed lunch (and enjoyed re-living the moment, while calling parents/grandparents)….Paul joined us later (the policeman brought him over to the pizza place, too). In the meantime, Paul had called our friend, Jimmy, and he brought the church bus over to pick us up!

So, needless to say, the kids had a great day!! They will have QUITE A STORY to tell tomorrow at school….

In retrospect, we couldn’t have done anything different. We wouldn’t change a thing (except, of course, the whole “catching on fire” thing)….we remained calm, got the kids to a safe place, and called all the right people, at the right time.

(But, I was just thinking….we just filled the car up with gas on Saturday night….and I just got the oil changed last Thursday—what a waste of $90–if I knew THIS was going to happen, I wouldn’t have wasted the $$ on an oil change)!!

A car is just that….a car. It can be replaced. Nothing matters more than us being OK….and Praise Jesus it was just a bucket!!