Buffalo Homecoming/5th Quarter

What a busy week!! Full of 8 games of volleyball on Monday, church on Wednesday, subbing 7th grade History on Thursday, Middle School pep rally on Thursday, 3 football games on Thursday, High School pep rally on Friday, the Homecoming Varsity football game on Friday night, AND 5th quarter!!! \

We are fully immersed in ALL THINGS Buffs/Lady Buffs!!

Here are some pictures from Homecoming/5th Quarter:

Paul and me


Audrey and me

beautiful Friday night sunset

Morgan and me (she was a Homecoming representative)

Hanna and me

Buffalo Win, 56-40! Go Buffs!

playing games at 5th Quarter

me, Melissa, and Vanessa

around 80 kids at 5th Quarter

Dominick and Jasmine

Macie and Lindsay

Paul talking at 5th Quarter

Mrs. Essman praying over the kids


students gathered in prayer

Victoria and me

Paul, Ryan, and Pat

Walker and me (he HATES pictures)–I do it just to irritate him!

Jaycie, Lindsay, and me

Jaycie and me

Kyle and me

We had a good time at 5th quarter b/c we just went FOR THE FUN! Our church wasn’t hosting, so we were able to leave pretty quickly afterwards….but, after taking 3 kids home, we still didn’t get home until 12:20!! 🙂




















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