Guidelines for taking a nap….

I was supposed to substitute today at the Admin. Bldg. (or so I thought I was supposed to substitute).

I got up at 6:15, took a shower, did my hair, put on make-up, got dressed, (even stopped by Sonic for some lemon water), and was at school by 7:25!!

Well, I got there and the secretary I was supposed to be subbing for was there….awkward?! Well, a little miscommunication, but they, indeed, did not need me.

I joked with the Asst. Super. and said, “Well, I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go!” I walked over to the Middle School and got my lunch bag I left in the classroom I subbed in last week. I stopped and talked to the secretary and to my friend, Candace, who works there.

But, knowing they didn’t need me, I came home. I came in through the front door and locked it. From the bedroom I hear,

Paul: “Hello?”

Me: “It’s me.”

Paul: “What are you doing home? Did they fire you already?!”

Me: “No, they didn’t fire me!! They didn’t need me today after all.”

So…..I crawled back into bed and fell back asleep. Paul got up and went to work. And I….slept until 11:00!! 🙂

Well, here’s where our discussion on NAPS came into play….

Apparently, here are the rules:

1.) If you get out of bed, LEAVE the house and come back and go to sleep, it’s a NAP!

2.) If you get out of bed, but DON’T leave the house, and go back to sleep in the bed, it’s called “Going back to bed!” If you get out of bed, DON’T leave the house, but go to sleep on the couch, it’s still as if you are IN BED, not taking a nap!

3.) If a “mealtime” hour has passed between the time you woke up and the time that you go back to sleep, it’s a NAP!

4.) If it’s the same “time of day” (Morning OR Afternoon) and you go to sleep, you’re going back to bed!!

So….there you have it–the answer to your question of whether or not you are, indeed, taking a nap or not!


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