Buffalo Football

Football season is in full swing around here!

Thursday night we went to the Freshman football game….one of our youth kids, Kyle, plays on the Freshman team (he’s the quarterback)….they won (but I can’t remember the score). Kyle did really well! We didn’t stay for the JV game, but they won as well, 22-14.

Also on Thursday night our Middle School boys had their first football games for the season. They played in Bellville, so we didn’t see the games (since we were here, watching Freshman) but the 7B team won, the 7A team lost (by 2), and the 8th grade team lost by one touchdown. (I taught 7th grade on Friday, so I heard all about the game during class on Friday). We have 2-3 youth boys who play 8th grade football, so I’m sure we will go to those games as well. Their next home game is next Thursday (Homecoming week)!!

Last night we went to Bellville to watch the Varsity team–We took 2 of our youth girls with us to the game. We stopped in Brenham to eat (at CiCi’s) and then we went on to Bellville. When we got there, it was RAINING!!!
Luckily, the rain tapered off about 7:45 or so, quickly after kick-off. It made for a very cool evening, which was fantastic!!

Right before the game started I went up into the stands a little bit higher to say hi to our friends, Candace and Allen. Well, once the game started, I just stayed up there and sat with them through the whole 1st half (in my defense, I did plan to go back down to my seat, but my seat was overtaken by about 4-5 high school kids that came to sit with Audrey and Dana)….so I got booted out of my seat (unvoluntarily) up to Allen and Candace’s row!

The first half of the game made me kind of nervous because we went into halftime losing 7-0. But…the Buffs stepped up and won the game, 21-14! It was a great second half!

(The second half I sat with Paul and the girls again)…..

Here are pictures from last night:

before the game-Dana and Audrey

Paul and me (at the game)

me, Dana, and Audrey (still raining)

one of youth girls, Morgan, as a cheerleader!

Buffs running out of the “football”

our sweet friend, Sandra, who take photos during the game. She was all wrapped up in a poncho, holding an umbrella, trying to take pictures


Victoria, another one of our youth, who is a Varsity cheerleader

Dana, Audrey, and Paul (still raining)

Jaycie leaning on me

Apparently I became a “stadium chair” during the 2nd half of the game because Jaycie used my legs to lean back!!


both teams at the end of the game

I love, love, love that both teams came together at the end and PRAYED!! 🙂 What a beautiful sight….


The Buffaloes at the end of the game

They are having a really good season so far!

On August 31st they beat Liberty Hill. That was the game that Paul and I left at the end of the 3rd quarter (to get ready for 5th quarter) and they were losing. But, with 1:30 left in the game (down 29-17) they came back and won 32-29!

On September 7th Giddings beat the #4 team in the stage, 31-26 IN Wimberly. Wimberly was also the defending state champs in 2011! They hadn’t lost a game in 16 straight games, and the Buffs broke that record!

Then last night, on the 14th, they beat Bellville (the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year) IN Bellville!

Next week is HOMECOMING, so it will be a crazy, busy week! I am working at the Administration Bldg. on Monday and Tuesday and subbing at the Middle School on Thursday!!








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